Everyone's a Publisher: Content Aggregation, Organization & Curation

Mark Josephson (Outside.in)
Strategy & Business Models
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In today’s world the cost of broadcasting information or an opinion is way down, hence the volume of published content is way up. From columnists for The Examiner or Patch to bloggers to your average Twitter user, everyone is a publisher. The onslaught of new content presents an exciting business opportunity. This presentation will discuss the key characteristics of models that will allow individuals, publishers and advertisers to take advantage of the wealth of content in meaningful ways.

Aggregation is the first step, but just collecting content is not enough to separate the wheat from the chaff and present useful information to the general public. We need platforms that both algorithmically organize content and enable human, editorial input. It’s a combination of Larry, Sergei, and a cigar-smoking, hat-wearing journalist with a passion for truth that will win the day. Until then, all we have is noise, but with the right platform that noise can become a buttress to the 4th estate.

Mark Josephson, CEO Outside.in and previously of About.com and Kanoodle, will present the problem, potential solutions, and survey the landscape of companies that are taking the right approach and seeing success.

Mark Josephson


Mark Josephson joined as outside.in as CEO in April 2008 and has been building new media businesses since 1995.

Most recently, Mark was President and CMO of Seevast Corp, which builds and operates proprietary and publisher ad networks.

Before that, he worked at About.com as General Manager in charge of the creation and growth of the About.com consumer service and later as Executive Vice President of Marketing & Business Development with responsibility for customer acquisition, marketing and distribution for About, Inc.’s three operating divisions: About.com, Sprinks, and About Web Services.

Mark was a founding member of Cone Interactive’s new media practice in the late ’90s, where he managed marketing and communications for some of the earliest internet media businesses, including About.com and iVillage.com.

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  • Rackspace Hosting
  • 3DVIA
  • Authorize.Net
  • HP
  • Neustar, Inc.
  • OpenSRS
  • open{subnet}

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