How to Develop a Rich, Native-quality User Experience for Mobile Using Web Standards

David Kaneda (Sencha)
Development, Mobile
Location: New York West
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As the trend toward rich internet applications gains momentum, addessing the needs of mobile users is a priority for application developers. The wide variety of mobile platforms is one challenge, along with the different capabilities of the browsers on each platform. Web standards offer a real solution to these challenges and merit serious consideration by application developers.

The session will briefly assess the current state of mobile platforms from the perspectives of development and deployment, followed by a discussion of practical applications and development tactics. The presentation will have a focus on mobile WebKit and how to achieve native-like quality using web standards like:

  • HTML5 — For data storage, offline accessibility, and advanced form control
  • CSS3 — For advanced styling (shadows/gradients/opacity) and animations
  • JavaScript — For application logic
  • Geolocation

Technical solutions and recommendations will be based on the presenter’s experience creating Ext Mobile, a pending release from Ext (we’re aiming to release beta in June). We will focus on practical mobile development strategies like touch-event handling, non-standard user interface components, and graceful degradation for less-capable browsers. After the discussion, attendees will be better capable of forming their mobile application development strategy.

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David Kaneda


David Kaneda has over eight years of experience designing in a variety of fields, from architecture and fashion to education and software. Recently, David created Outpost, an iPhone app for Basecamp, and jQTouch, a Javascript framework for iPhone development. David also maintains WebKitBits, a site about the browser engine in Safari, Google Chrome, and the iPhone. David brings his wealth of knowledge as creative director to Ext, and is responsible for the look and feel of Ext’s websites, software, and community engagement.

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