Cure the Chaos: How to Coordinate Your Company's Social Media Efforts

Marc Engelsman (Digital Brand Expressions), Emily Smith (Digital Brand Expressions)
Enterprise, Social Media & Marketing
Location: Empire West
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Your marketing department has set up a Facebook page. Your human resources department is thinking about using social media as a recruiting tool. Your sales department isn’t quite sure how social media can deliver qualified sales leads. Your employees are tweeting away about what they’re doing all day at work. Your IT deparment is worried about the threat of viruses and malware. Your customer service department is overwhelmed by the amount of content out there that needs monitoring.

Sounds like chaos.

Veronica Fielding, president of Digital Brand Expressions, will present an action plan for companies that want to pull together the social media initiatives in which various departments are engaged. She will also provide a checklist of items companies should include in their social media policies to reduce the risks associated with employee activities on social sites.

Photo of Marc Engelsman

Marc Engelsman

Digital Brand Expressions

Marc Engelsman’s multi-disciplinary marketing background – 25 years in marketing/advertising across a wide range of B-to-B, consumer and healthcare/pharmaceutical accounts – has translated well into “findability” success as he integrates offline and online strategies for DBE’s clients. He is active in the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO) and serves on the national board of the Marketing Executive Networking Group (MENG).

He has spoken at some of the search industry’s largest conferences in addition to presentations to numerous other marketing groups.

Photo of Emily Smith

Emily Smith

Digital Brand Expressions

Joined DBE team in 2010 to help keep the business running smoothly from an Operations perspective.

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Picture of Shirley Bailes
Shirley Bailes
10/05/2010 12:43pm EDT

thank you @Michelle, we’ve also made the slides available above – close to the top of this page under tags.

Picture of Emily Smith
Emily Smith
09/29/2010 10:50am EDT

Our presentation is up at www.digitalbrandexpressions... – download link on the left side of the page. I’ll also send it over to the Web 2.0 Expo organizers so they can make it available via their own channels as well.

Thank you, everyone, for a great session!

Picture of Jody Jeffrey
Jody Jeffrey
09/29/2010 9:18am EDT

I too would like a copy of this presentation; is it available? Thank you.


Picture of Graham Smith
Graham Smith
09/29/2010 7:11am EDT

I asked. They’re aware it’s not up but they assured me that they would put it up asap. They said it was a last minute action.

I hope it’s there by the end of the night.

Picture of Stein-Ivar Aarsaether
Stein-Ivar Aarsaether
09/29/2010 6:38am EDT

The URL given in the last slide does not work. Where can we find a copy of the presentation?

Picture of Omar Habayeb
Omar Habayeb
09/29/2010 6:20am EDT

I am with Graham…when will slides be posted? Site given at end of presentation does not work

Picture of Graham Smith
Graham Smith
09/29/2010 6:05am EDT

You just shared your slide show- I can’t wait for it to go up. Thank you!

Jonas Lyckstedt
09/29/2010 6:02am EDT

Great session. Missing examples though…

Picture of Graham Smith
Graham Smith
09/29/2010 5:37am EDT

Where can I get access to these slides. A ton of information ran through very quickly!

Picture of Veronica Fielding
Veronica Fielding
08/23/2010 12:47pm EDT

I’m really looking forward to the Web 2.0 Expo this year. My team always comes away with great new ideas and insights and we find this is one of the best industry conferences out there.

I’m particularly excited about my session this year. I know everyone is inundated with information about social media, but I think the approach we’re advising our clients to take, which I’ll outline in this workshop, is a refreshingly different perspective in an area that has become somewhat over-hyped. We’ll take a step back and look at social media from a different vantage point, so that no matter where you are in the adoption process, you’ll come away from the session with actionable ideas for pulling your social activities together in a safe, streamlined way across your entire organization.

See you there!

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