The Ten Best Ways to Customize Your Search Analytics Reports

Tami Dalley (ROI Labs)
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It’s a problem faced by data-swamped marketers everywhere: With so many analytics reports, where are you supposed to look? And how do you make your reports meaningful?

Through a series of mini-case studies (showing how Clients have used specific reports to better understand and optimize their marketing strategies), I’ll explore how to customize the following reports for maximum insight:

PPC Creative ID Report – By passing the PPC creative ID into your web analytics tool and then combining this report with your engine data, you can gain even more insight into the descriptions that work best for specific keywords. It’s one step deeper than keyword level analysis and a valuable tool in shaping optimization strategies.

• Entry Page Report – Customize by adding in Bounce Volume and Bounce Rate. This’ll help determine which pages most critically require immediate optimization and testing.

• Funnel/Scenario Analysis – Properly configuring the elements of this report can help identify pain points in critical paths on your website.

• Geographic Reporting – Customize by including Average Order Value and Conversion Rate so that you can zone in on – and budget for – highly profitable geographic segments.

I’d also like to briefly touch on the importance of looking at “Top Movers” in a report. So often we just look at our “Top 10s,” when in actuality the most interesting insights can be found by studying our “biggest movers” – those metrics or items that show greatest variation from month to month. These items may be 20th or 30th down the list, but that shouldn’t discount their value: for example, if one of these items shows an 85% increase month over month, you’ve likely found an insight far more actionable than anything you’d get by just looking at your Top 10. To illustrate this point, I’ll discuss how to properly configure the Compare Calendar Functionality in standard reporting for better unearthing these buried insights.

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Tami Dalley

ROI Labs

Tami Dally is the Director of User Experience at ROI Labs, a Top 10 Search and Keyword Marketing Agency headquartered on the 55th Floor of the landmark Empire State Building in New York City.

A self-proclaimed “data explorer” Tami’s expertise focuses on deep-dive web analytics, usability consulting, and landing page design and multivariate testing. She currently leads her team in slicing, dicing, segmenting, forecasting and analyzing all aspects of online performance and visitor interaction. She was also honored by Search Engine Strategies (SES), when her work took home the prize for “Most Effective Use of Web Analytics.”

Tami is a regular contributor to where experts share their opinions on search and analytics. She was also quoted in the recently released book by Dennis Mortensen, “Yahoo Web Analytics: Tracking, Reporting and Analyzing for Data-Driven Insights” for her insights into attribution modeling and KPI dashboard reporting.

Prior to her appointment at ROI Labs, Tami was based in London as the Strategy & Planning Manager for Orange UK, the largest ISP in Europe. Her responsibilities included forecasting channel performance and creating rapid-implement stop-gap strategies for a dynamic marketplace. Prior to this she was a Marketing Campaign Analyst for Singtel Optus (an Australian telecommunications company), where she was responsible for the statistical analysis of a multi-million dollar, cross-channel advertising spend.

Tami holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Griffith University in Australia and a Post Graduate Honors Degree in Psychology from the University of Queensland, Australia. She is currently working towards her Master’s Degree at Griffith University.

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