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Jennifer 8. Lee (Knight News Challenge), Jenna Wortham (New York Times), Spencer Ante (The Wall Street Journal)
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Location: New York East
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How do some products become media darlings? FourSquare, Kickstarter, Paperless Post even Twitter in its startup days. They all received coverage early on in their cycles, before they even had a significant user base. This helps brings credibility with funders.

Reporters from the NYTimes, etc. will talk about how they choose what to write about, giving you insight on how the media ecosystem works. The short answer is often have a great product — especially for consumer-facing services. But it helps to know the right people, who can pass along via word-of-mouth, an endorsement about an up-and-coming company.

Jennifer 8. Lee and Jenna Wortham will speak to some of the coverage they have done on the early-stage tech companies.

Photo of Jennifer 8. Lee

Jennifer 8. Lee

Knight News Challenge

Journalist. Catalyst. Dumpling-maker. Former NYTimes reporter for 9 years. Author of NYTimes-bestselling book called The Fortune Cookie Chronicles. Now trying to reimagine the underlying journalism infrastructure. Consultant in the Knight News Challenge.

Jenna Wortham

New York Times

Technology reporter for the New York Times covering mobile, the Internet, start-ups, digital culture and the future.

Photo of Spencer Ante

Spencer Ante

The Wall Street Journal

Spencer E. Ante is the Deputy Bureau Chief of the NY Corporate
Bureau of The Wall Street Journal. He has covered technology and
finance for 15 years at BusinessWeek, and Wired and is
the author of Creative Capital: Georges Doriot and the Birth of
Venture Capital.

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Picture of Fernando Alfaro
Fernando Alfaro
09/30/2010 10:20am EDT

Remind me why I shouldn’t read the tech section of a main stream print media.

Picture of Emily Miethner
Emily Miethner
09/28/2010 3:31am EDT

I’m excited for my first panel of Web 2.0!

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