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The success of the Obama campaign using new media and participatory democracy techniques has set high expectations for those same techniques being used in actual governing. We believe the principles and practices of Web 2.0 can help bring increased government transparency, public involvement, and reduced cost to government. The Government 2.0 track seeks to help the Web 2.0 community understand how they can bring their skills and knowledge to bear on this critical problem, whether as individuals seeking to enable change or companies looking for a new business opportunity. Sessions in the Government 2.0 topic will happen on Thursday, November 19.

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Location: 1A14 Level:
Toby Segaran (Google), Jesper Andersen (Bloom Studios)
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The SECs new XBRL format combined with community efforts will soon provide enough free financial data that hackers will be able to create interactions with data. We'll cover sources and ways that developers can use machine learning and visualization to explore financial data in novel ways, using techniques like multidimensional scaling, network visualization and variations on traditional charts. Read more.
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Location: 1A24 Level:
Allan Holmes (, Eric Gundersen (Development Seed)
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More government data is being opened up and made more accessible, but what does that really look like? This session will demo and discuss four examples of government data being used to provide valuable information to the public that previously wasn't accessible, including examples that use city government data, data from the U.S. Census Bureau, and GIS data from a UN agency. Read more.
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Location: 1A24 Level:
Allan Holmes (, Peter Koht (City of Santa Cruz)
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Peter Koht of the City of Santa Cruz will discuss how the City is using social media to engage residents in resolving the City’s budget crisis. He will provide best practices for other cities looking to use the technology and insights to Web 2.0 vendors on the issues that local governments are dealing with and the technology they need to address these issues. Read more.
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Location: 1A24 Level:
Allan Holmes (, Josh Knauer (Rhiza Labs)
In under 48 hours, and working pro bono, Rhiza Labs harnessed crowds' wisdom and professionals' expertise to create a free portal that tracks the spread of H1N1 swine flu 5-6 days faster than government sources. Join Rhiza to learn how to implement fast, flexible crowdsourcing technology that makes data accessible to non-experts, scales to unexpected traffic and ensures the validity of data. Read more.
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Location: 1A24 Level:
Allan Holmes (, Elena Rapisardi (formez, ispro, gruppo comunale pernumia, distretto bassa padovana)
Two experiences in the field of Italian Civil Protection show how emergency management systems can be more effective when using knowledge sharing platforms and the Web 2.0 tools. The last earthquake in April 2009 revealed that participation (citizens and civil protection operators) is key to manage and cope with major disasters. Read more.
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Location: 1A24 Level:
Allan Holmes (, Michael Wallick (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
A discussion of the new scientific search interface being developed for mission data relating to the Mars Science Laboratory being develop for launch in 2011, and how it incorporates paradigms of Web 2.0, as well as other web technologies being exploited for current and future NASA mission operations. Read more.
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