Content First: Why Content Strategy Will Save the Web

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Social media channels. User experience strategy. Visual design. Content management systems. Companies and agencies spend months and millions of dollars on how they’ll deliver content online, yet allocate very few resources toward creating and governing the content itself. Why?
In recent years, the people responsible for crafting our online experiences have – slowly but surely, and perhaps unwittingly – marginalized the process of creating and maintaining content customers actually care about. “Nobody really reads online.” “The design drives the experience.” “We can always fill in/fix the content later.”

There’s no denying that planning for, creating, publishing, and governing content is a serious undertaking. But chances are good that you don’t have a choice. The moment you launch a social media campaign, a web site, a mobile application, or content of any kind, you’re a publisher. Shouldn’t you start acting like one?

CONTENT STRATEGY is the key to delivering useful, usable content to your online audiences, when and where they need it most.
At this session, you will:

  • See content strategy (and its business value) defined and explained in plain language
  • Find out why so many web projects implode in the content development phase … and how to avoid the associated, unnecessary costs and delays
  • Discover simple ways to introduce content strategy into your user experience design process
  • Learn about the easy-to-use tools that are necessary to plan for, create, and govern your online content
  • Get solid, practical advice on staffing and resource allocation for web editorial roles and responsibilities
Photo of Kristina Halvorson

Kristina Halvorson

Brain Traffic

Kristina is the founder and president of Brain Traffic, an internationally-renowned agency specializing in content strategy and writing for the web.

Widely recognized as one of the world’s leading content strategists, Kristina speaks regularly to international audiences about how to deliver useful, usable content online, where and when your customers need it most. She’s a highly sought-after speaker and has appeared at Web 2.0 Expo, IA Summit, Future of Web Apps, An Event Apart, Voices That Matter, Online Marketing Summit, SXSW Interactive, and j. boye.

In 2009, Kristina curated the first Content Strategy Consortium to facilitate a national dialogue about this emerging discipline. She is also the author of Content Strategy for the Web (New Riders, August 2009). The book is the first to market on the topic of content strategy. It defines the discipline and business value of content strategy, offering simple steps for introducing the discipline into the web project process. It also gives practical advice on staffing and resource allocation for web editorial roles and responsibilities.

Kristina is a past president of the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA), one of the country’s largest and most active IMAs. Her professional background includes marketing, sales, public relations, and playwriting. When she’s not traveling the country making the case for better web content, Kristina can be found hanging out at the Brain Traffic offices in Minneapolis, or chasing after her two kids in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Picture of Bob Kosovsky
Bob Kosovsky
11/30/2009 9:26am EST

Very nice presentation – my summary is here:

You were dynamic (especially at 9 am in the morning), you had lots of good references, you made yourself accessible, your topic was important. You’ve convinced me of your point—I’ve already ordered the book. Thanks.

Picture of Kristina Halvorson
Kristina Halvorson
11/18/2009 5:30am EST

Thanks for your comments! This presentation is now available for viewing and download here >>

Picture of Mark Walton
Mark Walton
11/18/2009 2:25am EST

I was really fired up by your fantastic presentation and was looking forward to marking up all my notes on the presentation slides you said you would post on Slide Share under “content first” 15 minutes after the session – I’m getting very frustrated now as I have checked both this site and Slide Share more times than I care to remember. Please let your presentation remain the highlight of My Web Expo 2.0 by posting your presentation ASAP.

Picture of Polly P
Polly P
11/17/2009 9:28am EST

Great session with practical advice on resource allocation for web editorial responsibilities. I am looking forward to Kristina’s presentation files to be published in the fileshare section.

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