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Technological, social and work advances have created a new trajectory for the growth and development of businesses. These trends, when viewed as a whole, represent a shift towards distributed, collaborative and agile organizations which are able to surpass current barriers to growth in order to create new value. Social Business Design is the intentional creation of a dynamic business culture that empowers all of its constituents to better exchange value.

This presentation will define and break down key elements of “social business” from distinct vantage points delivered by four well known practitioners in the industry. From analysis of industry trends, to in depth case studies, to exploration of sociological behavior and technological solutions—this session will break ground in new areas while providing grounded insights in topics such as defining and measuring business objectives.

Photo of David Armano

David Armano

Dachis Group

David is part of the founding team at Dachis Corporation, an Austin based start-up delivering social business design services. He is both an active practitioner and thinker in the worlds of digital marketing, experience design, and the social web. Author of the popular Logic + Emotion blog, he has been invited to speak at events hosted by organizations such as Google, Microsoft, O’Reilly and Ad Age.

Prior to joining Dachis Corp, David worked in the digital agency space for over 10 years with clients such as P&G, HP, WW Grainger, Allstate, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Fifth Third Bank. His work on Grainger helped the company earn the reputation of best commerce site according to BtoB magazine and his leadership on HP resulted in a Webaward.

He also writes industry perspectives for Ad Age, BusinessWeek and is best known for his distinct brand of visual thinking, which can be found both on the Web and in presentations all over the world. David studied visual communications/computer graphics and graduated from Pratt Institute, where he was able to study under some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Jeff Dachis

Dachis Group

As founder and CEO of Dachis Group, Jeff’s leadership and vision helped establish the digital services industry more than a decade ago when he co-founded Razorfish, Inc. out of a one-bedroom New York City apartment.

As co-founder, CEO, President and Chairman of Razorfish, Dachis profitably grew the company revenues to over $250 Million, expanded its talent base from 2 to 2,200 employees with offices in nine countries, completed over 25 M&A transactions, lead its IPO which raised $55 Million, and catapulted Razorfish’s public valuation to over $5 Billion.

Over the last decade, as the recognized leader in the digital services industry, Razorfish has won numerous performance, design, and professional service awards.. Razorfish ultimately was bundled as part of Microsoft’s $6 billion purchase of aQuantive, and more recently was spun off and sold to Publicis for $530 million.

Dachis is also a Senior Partner at Manhattan-based Bond Art + Science, which specializes in information architecture and user experience design for digital media and information services. He serves as an advisor to companies including Bazaarvoice and Waterfall Mobile.

Jeff has also served as Co-Chairman of the Producer’s Guild of America New Media Council East, and a frequently appeared as a lecturer and speaker, and in publications such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and Wired Magazine and in television appearances including CNBC, CNN, 20/20 and 60 Minutes.

His honors include Ernst &Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2000, among others.

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Picture of David Armano
David Armano
11/24/2009 5:51am EST

Hi everyone. The presentation can be found here.

Thanks again for coming.

Douglas Mazanec
11/24/2009 5:32am EST

Sounds intriguing .. but can’t find the presentation slides/link?

Picture of Liza Sperling
Liza Sperling
11/19/2009 6:52pm EST

Few sessions at Web 2.0 had such an engaged audience filled with Q & A. Both Jeff and David provide realistic examples to support their points and are willing to admit that there is no magic (shiny) bullet. So many challenges ahead, but this session left me feeling excited rather than overwhelmed.

Picture of Mark J. Levitt
Mark J. Levitt
11/19/2009 12:44pm EST

hey gustavo (or david/jeff), where are the slides you’re referring to?

Picture of Daniel Leslie
Daniel Leslie
11/19/2009 6:29am EST

David and Jeff—I love that you guys practice what you preach.

Those of us who are consulting in this space face a lot of challenges. I think enterprise clients understand the need to improve transparency, promote bottom-up thinking, etc. But good execution is tough—leadership buy-in, entrenchment of interests, etc.

Thanks for the presentation.


Picture of David Armano
David Armano
11/19/2009 5:01am EST


Thank you for attending and for your comment. From my perspective, I think you grasped the exact message we were hoping to communicate. A business can benefit by being open, adaptive and social (socially calibrated). And not just in how the business communicates. I think you got it right. Thank you for coming. Exciting times!

Picture of Gustavo Sanchez
Gustavo Sanchez
11/18/2009 9:02pm EST

I was really surprised by this great session! Way to put it all together into perspective, not all about social media as a part of your marketing mix, but as a fundamental piece of your business strategy.

I urge people to at least see the slides from this session and to please take what you learn from web2.0 and apply it to your business strategy not just your marketing strategy. So this movement if you will involves multiple areas of the organization and its ecosystem. Great stuff.

What does everyone else think? Did I get this wrong?

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