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Constraints can sometimes drive creativity and innovation in that “do more with less” kind of way. But, the truth is, constraints are never fun. Constraints means dealing with tough conversations, tradeoffs between entirely viable options and wanting to keep doors open to optimize results. Often, constraints result in doing a little bit of everything. Organizationally, that is like spreading peanut butter thinly over too much bread, until no flavor is left at all.

We avoid making the tough choices because we lack a way to do it well. The question is, how do we go about making the tough choices, and necessary tradeoffs. How exactly do you identify, winnow, and choose the ideas that will lead to winning results. We never teach how to kill off ideas, but just how to create them. After all, isn’t genius about people, pens and the whiteboard? What we need now is the opposite. The opposite of whiteboarding, MurderBoarding™ ensures teams creatively generate many potential options before “killing off” options until there is one best solution for a given organization and situation. The result is that you find the idea that matters in this context, situation, and application. This lets people do the work that matters, by knowing what matters at this point and time.

This session provides you with a framework for nailing the tough choices you need to make to win. It will help you identify the difference between viable choices, and surface the now-tacit criteria that will let you make key decisions you need to make to thrive. Then you can safely kill off other options, or murder them, so you can do the stuff that matters.

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Nilofer Merchant


CEO, strategist, and author Nilofer Merchant is a leading authority on creating business strategy to win markets. She honed her unique, collaborative approach to solving tough problems while working with and for companies like Adobe, Apple, Nokia, SAP and others.

As Rubicon’s founder and CEO, Nilofer leads a distinguished team of operational veterans. Her firm works with global corporations such as Hewlett-Packard, Pinnacle, Logitech, Openwave, Symantec, among others, to create solutions to win markets.

Nilofer’s keynote presentations attract SRO crowds at business leadership events, technology expos, women’s conferences, and universities, ranging from
AjaxWorld, CTIA, and PBWC, to Stanford. She’s won multiple awards for her insights on applying strategic thinking and innovation, and has been quoted or published in major business publications such as BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal.

She earned an MBA from Santa Clara University, a BS in Economics from University of San Francisco, and is a certified by Interaction Associates as an Instructor of Facilitative Leadership. Her book on the art of collaborative strategy creation, The New How, is being published by O’Reilly Media in Fall 2009.

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