HTML 5 and the Future of Web Apps

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The Ajax revolution saw a sea change in web application development. By taking advantage of long-dormant browser capabilities, we were able to take our craft to new levels with HTML5—reinventing well-established genres, challenging desktop applications, and jump-starting a renaissance in web start-ups.

So what happens when we have new browser features to exploit? This session explores some of the latest shiny toys we can play with—potentially disruptive technologies largely packaged under the HTML 5 banner that just might upset the status quo once again.

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Tom Croucher


Tom Croucher is a Staff Engineer on the Uber SRE team, probably the fastest-growing technology company in the world. Previously, he was the CTO at, consulted for clients like Walmart, Nexenta, MySpace, Comcast, and the New York Times, and worked at Joyent on the Node.js team and Yahoo on the homepage team. Tom is the coauthor of the O’Reilly book Up and Running with Node.js and has contributed to a number of web standards for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the British Standards Institute (BSI). He has worked with some of the world’s leading brands including NASA, Tesco, Three UK, and the UK’s Channel 4 Television.

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Michael Palmer
11/21/2009 3:21pm EST

Enjoyed it, but as with all the good sessions at Web 2.0 Expo, it wasn’t long enough or in-depth enough.

Picture of Tom Croucher
Tom Croucher
11/19/2009 9:20pm EST


Sorry about that. It was really tricky with such a mixed audience. As a fill in speaker I did my best to honour the intentions of the original speakers. So I’m sorry you didn’t get as much out of it as you had hoped.

If you want some gory slides I suggest Remy’s excellent HTML5 slides from JSConf ( which dive into a few features of HTML in more depth with code snippets.

Frank Branch
11/19/2009 6:43pm EST

This talk would have benefited from a level of experience in the description as it was intended for a lower level of professional then me.

Kevin Logan
11/19/2009 3:11pm EST

I think Tom did a tremendous job of getting this presentation together as it appears that at the last minute the orginal presenters where unavailable. It provided a quick overview of the potential of HTML 5 as well as some practical advice for what features are feasible to use now.

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