Making Sense of Google Wave

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Google Wave is one of the most ambitious product launches of 2009.
It’s also the one most likely to make you say, “I don’t get it.”
Wave’s hyped elevator pitch is that it reinvents email for the modern
web, but that’s an oversimplification. Wave combines document
collaboration and instant messaging into a single workspace, whose
live moving cursors and non-linear nature can melt brains. Wave is a
hit with programmers, but what about regular people? This talk will
peel away Google Wave’s hype, explain the bold paradigm shift Wave
requires its users to make, and breaks down when and why Wave does
(and doesn’t) make sense.

Photo of Gina Trapani

Gina Trapani

The Complete Guide to Google Wave

Gina Trapani is a tech blogger and web developer based in San Diego,
California by way of Brooklyn, New York. The founding editor of, a weblog on software and personal productivity, Trapani authored a book based on the web site which is
in its second edition: Upgrade Your Life: The Lifehacker Guide to
Working Smarter, Faster, Better. Currently she is a columnist at
Harvard Business Online and co-hosts This Week in Google on the TWiT
Netcast Network.

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Picture of John Vasko
John Vasko
11/19/2009 1:36pm EST

I’m sorry but I didn’t find this session was appropriately named, especially given the time that was allotted. It would have been more effective to see slides relating to a case study or project where wave was used. I will, however, check Gina’s book out as I am sure that it is more useful. OReilly should have scheduled this as a longer session or not done it at all if it had to be this short.

Picture of Gina Trapani
Gina Trapani
11/17/2009 3:48pm EST

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to giving my talk. In the meantime, search Wave for: with:public tag:w2e to talk Expo in-Wave.

Picture of Mark J. Levitt
Mark J. Levitt
11/17/2009 1:27pm EST

Can’t wait to see how many gems from you can cram into a 15min keynote!

Picture of Mike West
Mike West
11/17/2009 12:43pm EST

Looking forward to this presentation. Just now getting into your guide.

Picture of Suzanne Axtell
Suzanne Axtell
10/28/2009 3:14pm EDT

As a new-to-Wave person, I’m in the “I don’t get it” camp, so really looking forward to your presentation. Would love to hear if you think Wave is better for personal use or business use (or OK for both).

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