Peek Into a Secret Society of Entrepreneurs

Moderated by: Larry Chiang, entrepreneur
Location: Plymouth Level:
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Asse9 is pronounced asinine. We think its dumb if you don’t 100% of You Inc.

This TUESDAY, November 17th networking session has as a goal to be 100% of you ROI for that badge you bought plus travel expenses to NY for Web 2.0 Expo. If you’re local, pretend you had to fly in from B.F.E. Don’t come if you don’t want an ROI.

We are using a workbook. It’s my mentors book, “What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School”. It helped me start my first business in college, It’s about sales, hacking entrepreneurship, reading people and sales. I said sales twice cuz Mr. McCormack is just that good at selling. He’s the “Dicky Fox” character who was the mentor to Jerry Maguire and the original sports agent.

Copies at Amazon sell for $0.01, but if you need a copy, call the Hotel 373 and ask for “Mr Burns” (my travel alias) and I’ll let you borrow one of my 12 copies. It’s the corner room with an upgrade using my “Tip, bribe, comp and tip” method for a free upgrade. Yes its the session that Tim O’Reilly himself sat in on at Foo Camp. Google it.

Asse9 stands for Austin Secret Society of Entrepreneurs 9. RSVP and do your homework (reading my mentors book WTDTYaHBS)!

P.S. I will have VCs for you to meet.

PPS If you know of women with entrepreneurial aspirations, please let them know they’re welcome with open arms. Women CEOs will be in attendance

PPPS Heck, if you wanna text me at 650-283-8008 / before this to say “hi”, I’ll give you a ship you a copy of Mr McCormack’s book :-). On Facebook, I am in the Austin TX network holding a nerf gun

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Picture of Fiona Bloom
Fiona Bloom
11/16/2009 5:55am EST

I want to meet more Women with entrepreneurial aspirations too! Look forward to this session!

John Exley
11/15/2009 11:06am EST

Looking forward to this Larry!

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