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Historically it’s been incredibly expensive for organizations to interact with their customers. So for the most part, they tried not to. When you have hundreds of thousands or millions of customers, all you have time to do is “deflect” them. And that’s not customer service — it’s customer avoidance!

Nowadays, though, people are no longer at the mercy of the “official channels.” First with forums and blogs, and now with Facebook, Twitter, and thousands of other places online, customers can talk to anyone who will listen, and expertise is only a Google search away. A 17 year old who blogs about his Xbox can command more attention than Microsoft’s entire PR army.

But here’s the good news: Customers with questions or problems are people at their most engaged, the people the product and marketing folks are dying to connect with. Finding a way to engage with these customers – to listen, speak, and be heard – is the future of customer communication.

This isn’t just about customer service after-the-fact. It’s about the whole relationship, from pre-purchase decisionmaking, to learning how to use the product, to fostering expertise in the community and allowing collaboration on new products. It’s that 360 degree view that makes this a game changer for the organizations – and their customers – that get there first.

Find out where your company sits in the new customer engagement landscape, what tools and techniques are emerging to help get a handle on it, and how your company can start to get true value and satisfaction (yours as well as your customers) out of building a truly two-way relationship with your customers.

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Lane Becker

Get Satisfaction

Lane Becker is President & co-founder of Get Satisfaction, a web startup dedicated to fostering new methods of communication and collaboration between companies and their customers. Previously, Lane was co-founder of Adaptive Path, a user experience strategy, research, and design consultancy. While with Adaptive Path, Lane ran the consulting business and, as the creator of the New Ventures program, developed strategic partnerships with early-stage startup companies to provide them with long-term support for their product development, design, and launch strategies.

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