Letting the Inmates Run the Asylum: LOLs, FAILs and User-Driven Content

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I Can Has Cheezburger? and Failblog.org anchor the web’s leading network of humor and entertainment web sites. All of the Cheezburger Network sites are built upon a user-generated content (UGC) business model. As one of the few companies operating profitable UGC businesses, we have a unique perspective on way UGC influences creation. Learn by example how it’s done and why you need to be aware of user-generated and user-driven content.

The purpose of this talk is two fold:

  • To illustrate that regardless of business category (media, e-commerce, or otherwise) anybody who is creating content needs to be thinking about how UGC fits into their space, and how the evolution of UGC presents threats and opportunities to their business.
  • To show in detail how UGC is implemented in a variety of contexts so that the audience can see real-world examples of how UGC is leading to better content, greater relevance, happier users, and lower costs.

First, I will briefly explain what UGC is, the principles it’s based upon, how and why it works.

Then, I will illustrate via examples that UGC is not a new phenomena, but that technology is making it more easier and more effective.

Next, I’ll show how the evolution of UGC is resulting in a disruptive, yet transformational opportunity for content creators. Technology is enabling the evolution of UGC into UDC: from “user-generated content” to “user-driven content”. The result is higher quality content, that is more relevant to the audience…and the dirty little secret: at a lower cost.

Finally, the talk would be incomplete without showing the audience in detail how UDC is implemented in the real-world. The talk will walk through a wide variety of examples from companies in all business categories (media, e-commerce, etc.) who are using UDC successfully. In addition, I will highlight best practices and pitfalls to be avoided.

Photo of Scott Porad

Scott Porad

Pet Holdings, Inc

Scott Porad is the Cheezburger Technology Officer of Pet Holdings, Inc., the company behind I Can Has Cheezburger? and Failblog.org. The Cheezburger Network is a collection of web sites where everyday millions of people share moments of joy through the humor and wonder of LOL.

Previously, Scott focused on e-commerce and online retailing at drugstore.com, and online media and content management systems for ESPN.com at Paul Allen’s Starwave. He writes about his experiences working with the Internet at http://scottporad.com and http://twitter.com/scottporad.

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Kevin Logan
11/19/2009 2:54pm EST

Scott was a great speaker – very entertaining. He had some very nice insights into how to deal with user generated content in a practical and useful way.

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