Web 2.0 Expo New York Call for Participation

Call closed 11:59pm 05/29/2009 EDT.

The Call for Participation is Now Closed

Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal to speak, we received a record number of proposals this year. For the next several weeks we will be reviewing the submissions. You can expect to hear back from us in regards to your proposal by the end of July. Registration for Web 2.0 Expo New York will open in late July.

Proposal Details and Information

If you’re passionate about the power of the web, come share your knowledge and insights with your peers at Web 2.0 Expo New York.

Our speakers reflect our audience, so we’re looking for independents, start-ups, enterprises, and everyone in between, in a wide variety of industries. We’re also looking for new thinking. Canned pitches aren’t a fit here; we want to hear your thoughts from your own experience, building on what’s worked (or not) in the real world. For advice on writing a proposal, see here.

Our theme this year is the Power of Less. This doesn’t just mean making do with fewer staff and a smaller budget, though many of us are in that boat. It means that constraints drive creativity, whether in business models, design paradigms, or platforms. It means the power of the small screen, the thin client, the streamlined interface. It might mean the power of small teams, or even going solo. It’s also the paradox of power: sometimes the best way to gain power is to give it away, which is why during these challenging times, we are learning that nothing builds brands like a nurtured community. It’s also the power of data: of data-centric business models, and the power of data to inform our decisions and to focus us on what matters.

Speaking of what matters, we’re also talking about the power of less bureaucracy, less spin and breaking down silos. We are the industry that’s shown that transparency, participation, collaboration add up to increased efficiency. The power of less is the power of creative destruction. It’s the power to change the world.

Session Formats

You may submit to speak in a 50 minute slot or a 3 hour slot. The 50 minute conference sessions are held November 17 – 19 and can be a single speaker, co-presentation, or a panel. If you have more in depth content, we also program several 3 hour workshops, scheduled for the first day of the conference, November 16.


Whether you are submitting for a 50 minute or 3 hour session, please choose the track which BEST fits your submission from the choices below.

  • Landscape & Strategy
    This track covers the fundamentals of Web 2.0 and explores how they drive strategy, business models, and revenue. We’ll look at how Web 2.0 is affecting finance, advertising, media, fashion, and real estate, and explain how the building blocks of Web 2.0—user-generated content, rich internet applications, collective intelligence, the wisdom of crowds, software as a service, lightweight development models, and mashups—are changing the landscape of media, software, and the economy. See how companies are using Web 2.0 to discover new business opportunities, enter new markets, develop new products, and make real money.
  • Marketing & Community
    The power of less is the power of data to know what works and what to cut. It’s the power of less control; finding the right ways to free your brand and your assets. It’s the power of niche communities to take ownership of your brand and market for you. It’s the power of more traffic from less marketing when you harness not only advanced SEO, but the integration of social media. When marketing budgets get cut, your customers are tightening their belts, and the company is looking to you to keep the money coming in, it’s time to employ the power of less. Here’s how we can help you thrive during the downturn.
  • Design & UX
    Less has been the iconic Web 2.0 design meme from the beginning. Less clutter, less confusion, fewer well-chosen features… all these enabling more use, more interaction, more connection. This year we look at not only how to create a user experience that offers more by providing less, but also how to do more with fewer resources, how to use the constraints of the mobile platform to your advantage, and how to make your service accessible to those with disabilities
  • Development
    The Web has shown us a new way of building and releasing software. Lightweight frameworks with support for standards and interactivity are the chosen weapons of the day. Ajax and Flash provide the interactivity. The frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails, Django, .NET, and Dojo, ease development. Web services (and users) provide (and share) the data. This track is for experienced programmers looking to improve their understanding of the technical ecosystem—what’s baked now and what’s lurking below the radar.
  • Web 2.0 at Work
    This track looks not at building and leveraging Web 2.0 applications and businesses, but at using Web 2.0 in your company to drive communication, collaboration, productivity and cost savings. Lightweight hosted applications and software as a service can give you a significant operating advantage. Blogs and wikis aren’t just fun consumer toys, but can instead be used internally to keep your teams in sync and your projects on time. Come learn how real companies are using real products and services to do business quicker, cheaper, and more effectively.
  • Government 2.0
    The success of the Obama campaign using new media and participatory democracy techniques has set high expectations for those same techniques being used in actual governing. We believe the principles and practices of Web 2.0 can help bring increased government transparency, public involvement and reduced cost to government. The Government 2.0 track seeks to help the Web 2.0 community understand how they can bring their skills and knowledge to bear on this critical problem, whether as individuals seeking to enable change or companies looking for a new business opportunity.
  • Mobile
    Your customers are increasingly coming from the third screen – the one with less power and a smaller size. But for all the ways the mobile platform provides less, its ubiquity holds great power: finally, you can become your customers’ constant companion. How can you turn your constraints into advantages? How can you mitigate the differences between platforms? Or should you avoid the issue altogether and go mobile web only? Is syncing your value-add or your money-maker? What will you do with your new-found ability to locate your user? The speakers in the mobile track share their plans and thoughts as you weigh these questions for your business.
  • Social Media
    The media capital of the world is fast becoming the social media capital of the world, as established brands convert their audiences into communities. In the midst some of the greatest creative destruction of any industry, new models for participation, content and revenue are being built. This track looks at the daunting questions we will be grappling with for many years, and highlights successful models on the horizon.

  • Sponsored Sessions
    A limited number of speaking opportunities are also available through conference sponsorship. Contact Kelly Stewart at kstewart@techweb.com.

Important Dates
The submission deadline for all proposals has been extended to May 29, 2009.
Registration opens in July 2009.

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