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Sponsor & Exhibitor Opportunities

Kelly Stewart

Media Sponsor Opportunities

Matthew Balthazor
(949) 223-3628
Deadline for requests: July 1

Speaker / Program Ideas

Have a suggestion for a speaker or topic at Web 2.0 Expo New York? Send an email to: ny-idea@web2expo.com

Press/Media Inquiries

Maureen Jennings
(707) 827-7083
Natalia Wodecki

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Presentations: Workshop

Workshops provide a forum for collaborative learning, exploratory participation, and the first-hand opportunity to master the power of Web 2.0 technologies. An additional fee is required to attend workshops.

This in-depth workshop provides an exploration of the next generation of techniques for creating compelling and highly competitive web applications. Designed especially for the web architect and product manager, this session closely examines the latest trends, best practices, and emerging techniques for leveraging Web 2.0 concepts in web applications to achieve high levels of growth.
This interactive session will describe and evaluate real life case studies of startup companies. The scenarios will involve business models, financing, marketing, product management, and business development and allow for audience members to weigh in and discuss situations in small groups.
The future of the mobile Web is here: WebKit. This premiere mobile browser is appearing in more and more devices and allows for amazingly detailed, fully functional mobile web sites. Come hear real-world advice, tricks, and strategies for designing and developing contextually relevant, beautiful, and fast-loading mobile sites.
In this talk, Josh Porter will cover the bases of designing for community. You'll be armed with a valuable set of practices to implement with your own communities.
This workshop will cover the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO). The workshop will focus on how to acquire unpaid (aka "organic") web site visitors from search engines like Google and Yahoo!, as well as from social networking and social media sites like Digg, MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube.
Every company wants to be more connected to its customers and prospects, and Web 2.0 is opening up vast possibilities to do so through online customer communities. In this high-energy, highly interactive workshop we’ll explore elements needed for a community to thrive, common obstacles, biggest business benefits, and how to measure success.
As web sites are moving further away from the “page” metaphor and toward more interactive 2.0 experiences, designers are faced with moving beyond the wireframe and site map. We need to be able to communicate more fluid interfaces and interactions. Sometimes this means documenting very detailed functionality and almost infinite “states,” or representing motion in a static medium.
Everyone's doing it—the poster children for "Web 2.0" are built on top of the LAMP stack. The next generation of web-based applications are built with free tools, with few people understanding the best way to scale these applications out. In this brief state-of-the-world, we'll look at the various approaches to scalable internet application architectures and what we can learn from them.
This talk will delve into the secret techniques used by JavaScript library authors to create comprehensive libraries that work seamlessly across browser environments. We'll look at everything from fixes for strange browser quirks, tricks for gaining speed, to tips for writing an extensible architecture in JavaScript. Everything discussed will be backed up with publicly available, rock-solid, code.