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Lee Bryant

Lee Bryant
Director, Headshift


I am a co-founder and Director of Headshift, a 30-person enterprise social computing consultancy that has pioneered the deployment of social tools inside the firewall. We do equal amounts of strategy consulting, integration and development and also engagement work.

Headshift works with top 10 global law firms, professional services firms and large corporations. In the media sector, we work with well known newspapers and organisations such as the BBC and Channel 4. We are also known for innovative work in our health, education and public sector practices.

I have an enduring passion for the empowering potential of the internet, and am committed to using this to humanise business practice. I am a board member of Involve, a UK charity set up to explore new forms of public participation, and an adviser to several other social enterprises.


11:10 Wednesday, 22-10-2008
Marketing & Community
Location: B8-9 Level: Novice
Lee Bryant (Headshift)
Massive online social networks are becoming boring—growth, saturation, then banality, spam, and occasionally monetization, before early adopters flock to the next thing. But the most valuable content and social capital lives in obscure corners and niches. This talk shows how we tackled three different networks for frontline journalists, green activists, and Australian young women entrepreneurs. Read more.