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Sponsor & Exhibitor Opportunities

Kelly Stewart
kstewart@techweb.com or call +1 (415) 947-6236

Media Sponsor Opportunities

Matthew Balthazor
+1 (949) 223-3628

Speaker / Program Ideas

Have a suggestion for a speaker or topic at Web 2.0 Expo Europe? Send an email to: eu-idea@web2expo.com

Press/Media Inquiries

Maureen Jennings
+1 (707) 827-7083


Natalia Wodecki
+1 (415) 947-6762

Contact Us

View a complete list of Web 2.0 Expo Europe contacts.

Web 2.0 Expo Europe Call for Participation Has Closed

Call closed 11:59pm 3-06-2008 CEST.

Call for Participation has closed

O’Reilly Media and TechWeb invite you to share your innovations, success stories, case studies, and lessons learned with your peers at Web 2.0 Expo Europe this October. From start-ups to enterprises, from media to finance, if you’re building the 2.0 web in Europe, we want to hear from you.

Session Formats: You may submit to speak in a 50 minute slot or a three hour slot. The 50 minute conference sessions are held 22 – 23 October and can be a single speaker, co-presentation, or a panel. If you have more in depth content, we also program three hour workshops, scheduled for the first day of the conference, 21 October.

What to Submit: Web 2.0 Expo Europe is a peer to peer conference, so we want to hear about interesting work from web entrepreneurs, developers, designers, marketers, and business strategists. Presentations of a commercial nature, or promoting a particular product or platform, are given lower priority. Proposals may be inspirational, practical, or both, but should derive from the speaker’s first-hand knowledge and experience. Specificity is also helpful; topics like “How To Be Successful with Web 2.0” are generally too broad to be useful for the audience, whereas a topic like “Design Your API: Lessons from Twitter and Stamen” has a clear benefit.


The complete list of tracks for Web 2.0 Expo Europe has not been confirmed yet, but we are currently considering proposals in the following areas:

  1. Development

  2. Design & User Experience

  3. Strategy & Business Models

  4. Marketing & Community

Please be aware that your submission may be recategorized after we finalize the tracks for 2008.

Sponsored Sessions

A limited number of speaking opportunities are also available through conference sponsorship. Contact Amy Jones at: ajones@techweb.com .

Launch Pad

Are you an up-and-coming Web 2.0 company looking to launch or get the attention of VCs? Our Web 2.0 Expo Launch Pad series provides a platform for new companies and products to get noticed. Tell us about your company and we will choose the ones we think the audience would most benefit from seeing, and put them in front of 1000 influential attendees. There is no fee for companies wishing to participate in Launch Pad. More information about submitting a company for Launch Pad will be available in coming months.

More Tips for Submitting a Proposal

Help us understand why your presentation is the right one for Web Expo Europe.

  • Be authentic! Your peers need real-world scenarios they can use. Please submit original presentation ideas that focus on knowledge transfer, and engaging and relevant examples.
  • Include as much detail about the planned presentation as possible. The more we know about what you plan to present and why it matters, the better.
  • Be thorough! If you are proposing a panel tell us who else would be on it. If you are going to have a release let us know. If you feel this is something that hasn’t been covered at Web 2.0 Expo before let us know.
  • Keep it free of marketing.
  • Keep the audience in mind: they’re technical, professional, and already pretty smart.
  • Clearly identify the level of the talk: is it for beginners to the topic, or for gurus? What knowledge should people have when they come to the presentation?
  • Give it a simple and straightforward title or name: Fancy and clever titles or descriptions make it harder for people (committee and attendees) to figure out what you’re really talking about.
  • Limit the scope of the talk: in 50 minutes, you won’t be able to cover Everything about Widget Framework X. Instead, pick a useful aspect, or a particular technique, or walk through a simple program.
  • Explain why people will want to attend: is the framework gaining traction? Is the app critical to modern systems? Will they learn how to deploy it, program it, or just what it is?

Important Dates
The submission deadline for all proposals is 2 June 2008.
Early registration opens July 2008.
Standard registration begins September 2008.