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Launch Pad Fourth Edition: Web Meets World

Launch Pad Finalists - The Chosen Six

The Opportunity
At this year's Web 2.0 Summit, we are once again changing up the Launch Pad program. For Launch Pad 2008, the focus will be twofold: First, on startups in the fields of alternative energies, social entreprenuerialism, microfinance, developing economies, political action, renewable technologies, and the like (we'll be particularly interested in where these companies display significant cross over with the web, of course, but this will not be required.) And secondly, we're interested in companies addressing where the Web literally meets the world: mobility, mapping and geolocation, sensor networks - anything where the Web and the real world intersect.

Similar to last year, there is no fee for companies involved, instead, our VC panel will be sponsoring the program.

The Approach
Launch Pad Fourth Edition: Web Meets World will follow the judging process from last year, with the only change being that the VCs involved will come from both Internet and Green backgrounds.

  • The judging panel will be comprised of six or so venture capitalists who will review Launch Pad companies as if considering them for funding hypothetically. Please note: prospective participants do not have to be actively seeking funding in order to be considered for this year's Launch Pad
  • Judges will select up to eight finalists, that will be given ten minutes each, to pitch themselves on stage, in front of the entire Web 2.0 Summit audience and the VC judging panel.
  • Each company will be provided feedback on its presentation in real time, by both the VC judges and the audience.
  • The VCs may, at any time, offer these applicants non-binding term sheets for financing, if the Launch Pad participant has reached that stage

Entrants do not need to launch their company or major product/service to qualify. Instead, those that apply will be reviewed by our panel of venture capitalists. If they make the first cut, they will pitch their company in front of the Web 2.0 Summit audience—the top executives, financiers, press, and analysts in the Internet industry. The audience will also have the opportunity to vote, along with the VC panel.

Participating VCs will be announced shortly. Here is a current update of judges and bios that will participate in this year's process. Launch Pad judges will include Chris Albinson of Panorama Capital, Vinod Khosla of Khosla Ventures, Patrick Chung of NEA, Todor Tashev of Omidyar Networks, Erik Straser of MDV-Mohr Davidow Ventures, and Mike Goguen of Sequoia Capital.

Congratulations to our Launch Pad Winner - GoodGuide!



Launch Pad Finalists - The Chosen Six

These six companies were chosen by a committee of VCs to present on stage at Web 2.0 Summit. Each will have five minutes to present their company or product and will receive real-time feedback from a panel of VCs and the audience.


Carbonetworks is a software platform that helps companies create effective carbon emissions strategies that reduce costs and capitalize on emerging global markets. Their Emissions Management Platform lets you manage your emissions as assets and liabilities, uncovering both the risk and profitability in your emissions portfolio.


Everyscape, Inc.
EveryScape, Inc., experts in driving online customers to real world businesses, is creating The Real World Online through a visual and interactive platform for local search that creates a virtual experience of all metropolitan, suburban and rural areas. EveryScape allows users to virtually explore cities and towns, as well as the hotels, restaurants, retail shops and other businesses within them.


GoodGuide strives to provide the world's largest and most reliable source of information on the health, environmental and social impacts of products and companies, delivered wherever and whenever you need it. GoodGuide offers ratings on over 65,000 products commonly found in your home—from baby shampoo to household cleaners—making it quick and easy to find safe and healthy products that are right for you and good for the planet. In the coming months, GoodGuide will be adding new product information for food, toys, electronics, automobiles, and beyond, making it the best resource for buying safe, healthy and green products that protect you and your family.


Predictify is a prediction community that aggregates forward-looking perspectives into meaningful and useful information. Users can predict and discuss current events and build a reputation based on their accuracy, and advertisers can post sponsored prediction challenges to engage consumers and gather data from the crowd. Since its launch in October 2007, Predictify has collected and scored millions of predictions on everything from political primaries to celebrity babies.


Qik, the world's leading mobile live video streaming platform, is changing communications as we know it. Available on more than 70 cell phones, Qik enables anyone to stream video live from their mobile device from anywhere, to anywhere. Qik, Inc. is a privately held company based in Redwood City, CA.


Sungevity was founded in 2007 to 'spread sunshine online' and make going solar more affordable for homeowners looking for a good investment and a viable way to reduce carbon emissions. Where traditionally going solar started with the very manual process of sizing a home's roof and preparing a paper quote within a few weeks; Sungevity's innovation starts with its website. Prospective customers simply enter their home address, and then Sungevity uses advanced satellite imagery and software to generate a 3D online model of the home and a detailed solar iQuote within 24 hours. By providing online quotes and standardizing its solar system components, Sungevity significantly reduces customers' costs for going solar.

Please contact Janetti Chon for more information on Launch Pad at or 415.947.6255.

Terms and Conditions

  • All entries are free of charge and are kept strictly confidential, to be reviewed only by Launch Pad staff and VCs.
  • VCs may offer terms to those applicants they deem consistent with their investment approach and requirements, but there is no requirement to do so.
  • VCs can have multiple judges assigned to the review process, but are allowed only one panelist at the Launch Pad presentation.
  • Every VC has the right to review every applicant, but the obligation is to review only one-sixth of them. The applications will be sorted and administered by the Launch Pad producers and delivered to the VC judges.
  • If a term sheet is offered and accepted prior to the event, all parties agree not to announce until Web 2.0 Summit in November.
  • All VCs on the panel are equal. No one is more advantaged (weighted) than another.
  • The entire process will be covered under a mutual NDA to protect all parties.
  • All participants agree to appear onstage during the Launch Pad session, to present their company as if pitching for funding.

All submissions are confidential, and will only be seen by Web 2.0 Summit Program Chair and staff, and the Launch Pad advisory board and sponsors. Please note that final determination of Launch Pad companies will be made by John Battelle, Web 2.0 Summit's Program Chair, in concert with the Launch Pad Judges.

Previous Launch Pad Participants:

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Pidgin Technologies Ltd
Joyent, Inc.

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