4–7 Nov 2019

Wl conference sessions

15:50–16:30 Wednesday, 6/11/2019
Jose Nino (Lyft), Lita Cho (Lyft)
New software in production comes with a lot of risks, especially for companies with high availability requirements. However, it’s possible to make significant infrastructure changes while maintaining your company’s reliability. Jose Nino and Lita Cho outline deploying hybrid topologies with Kubernetes and Envoy.
13:25–14:05 Thursday, 7/11/2019
Alois Reitbauer (Dynatrace Software)
The "you build it, you run it" DevOps movement has made developers write a lot of ad hoc automation code. Alois Reitbauer explains why you need to make sure this code is modular, extensible, and maintainable.
16:45–17:25 Wednesday, 6/11/2019
Gilles Dubuc (Wikimedia Foundation)
Gilles Dubuc takes a deep dive into how Wikipedia interprets large amounts of real user performance data and the many pitfalls you can fall into when doing so.
13:25–14:05 Thursday, 7/11/2019
Nikhil Barthwal (Google)
Knative is a Kubernetes-based platform to build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloads. It provides a set of middleware components that are essential to build modern, source-centric, and container-based applications that can run anywhere. Join Nikhil Barthwal to explore using Knative to build and deploy modern serverless workloads in a vendor neutral fashion.
16:45–17:25 Wednesday, 6/11/2019
Rob Skillington (Chronosphere), Łukasz Szczęsny (M3)
Rob Skillington and Łukasz Szczęsny explore scaling monitoring, alerting, and configurational complexity for a single view of your applications, databases, infrastructure, and operations across all regions using M3 and Prometheus.
14:20–15:00 Thursday, 7/11/2019
Josh Michielsen (Condé Nast)
Operating cloud native infrastructure is more than just spinning up a container orchestrator. Auxiliary services are required in order to operate effectively and provide developers with a true platform experience. Josh Michielsen explores how Condé Nast operates multiple Kubernetes clusters across the world, with a focus on observability, testing, app delivery, and developer experience.
13:25–14:05 Wednesday, 6/11/2019
Homin Lee (Datadog)
Homin Lee details constructing and using knowledge graphs to help DevOps teams make sense of the overwhelming volume of metric, log, trace, and event data generated by today's observability systems.

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