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    Julia Grace on The Changelog Podcast

    In this episode, Julia Grace talks about scaling all the things at Slack. She discusses Slack's growth and scale challenges, scaling engineering teams, the responsibilities and challenges of being a manager, communicating up and communicating down, quality of service and reliability, and what it takes to build high performing leadership teams. Julia is speaking at Velocity 2018 in San Jose, including her keynote, Scaling yourself during hyper growth.

    Liz Rice on The Cloudcast

    In this episode, Aaron and Tyler Britten talk with Liz Rice about what's easy—and what's not—about finding and patching security vulnerabilities in containers. Liz is speaking at Velocity 2018 in San Jose on What's so hard about container vulnerability scanning?

    Christine Yen on The Cloudcast

    Brian talks with Christine about the concept of Observability, why it's needed with new application and failure patterns, how to think about testing in production, and how to manage the collection of Observability data. Christine is speaking at Velocity 2018 in San Jose on End-to-end observability for fun and profit

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