Build & maintain complex distributed systems
October 1–2, 2017: Training
October 2–4, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY

Schedule: Hardware, Storage, and Datacenters sessions

Storage systems and how your systems deal with state management.

Track Host

Mike Rembetsy (Bloomberg)Mike Rembetsy (Bloomberg) is the Manager of Systems Engineer and Systems Administration at Bloomberg. He currently over sees all systems level engineering and infrastructure platform engineering with the Bloomberg infrastructure group. He has fostered a culture of learning and mindfulness at Bloomberg. Mike has worked in system operations for over 15 years in the web, healthcare, online media and financial industries. He started out in the help desk area before moving to engineering and has been building and running engineering teams ever since. In previous jobs he worked for Etsy, iVillage, NBC Universal and McDonalds.

11:35am12:15pm Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Location: Nassau
Jack Chan (Shutterfly)
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Jack Chan describes how Shutterfly migrated metadata from over 10B photos from a private data center into AWS in 100 days and explores designs to absorb mountains of metadata, on-premises ecommerce integration, and parallel user experiences, all in a highly scalable fashion. Shutterfly Photos is now a hybrid cloud solution with images hosted on-premises and client-facing photos' metadata on AWS. Read more.
1:30pm2:10pm Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Location: Nassau
Andrew Fong (Dropbox)
In 2016, Dropbox migrated 600 petabytes of data from managed cloud storage into its own data centers. Andrew Fong shares lessons and best practices for data migrations learned from this experience. Read more.
2:25pm3:05pm Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Location: Nassau
Julien Simon (Amazon Web Services)
FPGAs have become a hot topic in the IT industry, thanks to the unprecedented computing power that they bring to demanding HPC applications, and AWS recently introduced FPGA-powered instances (aka F1 instances) to make the process simpler and quicker. Julien Simon walks you through building an FPGA-enabled application, from design to simulation to synthesis to execution on an F1 instance. Read more.
3:50pm4:30pm Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Location: Nassau
Ignat Korchagin (Cloudflare)
Ever wondered how to quickly and efficiently rollover all of your servers’ SSH keys or how to securely manage diskless systems? Ignat Korchagin outlines a simple approach that combines hardware support and a little cryptography to help operationalize the management of all the secrets in your cloud. Read more.
4:45pm5:25pm Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Location: Nassau
Oleksandr Petrov (Independent)
In the world of big and fast data, it's important to be fluent in storage and know the right tools for each job. Alex Petrov shares techniques for picking the right database and indexes, understanding the trade-offs different types of storage bring, scaling out your data and planning its growth, and finding the best resources on the subject. Read more.