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October 1–2, 2017: Training
October 2–4, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY
Jack Chan

Jack Chan
Senior Manager, Software Engineering, Shutterfly

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Jack Chan is a senior engineering manager in Shutterfly’s Photos Group. He was recently heavily involved with helping the company with a hybrid cloud migration solution with Photos-related API services on AWS, paired with a set of core services in a private data center. Jack has been working in software engineering development closely partnered with operations for quite some time, helping startups scale up to millions of users with cloud solutions. Previously, he worked in IT organizations at Adobe, Apple, and 3Com.


11:35am12:15pm Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Jack Chan (Shutterfly)
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Jack Chan describes how Shutterfly migrated metadata from over 10B photos from a private data center into AWS in 100 days and explores designs to absorb mountains of metadata, on-premises ecommerce integration, and parallel user experiences, all in a highly scalable fashion. Shutterfly Photos is now a hybrid cloud solution with images hosted on-premises and client-facing photos' metadata on AWS. Read more.