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October 1–2, 2017: Training
October 2–4, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY

What happens when technology and government mix?

Matt Cutts (United States Digital Service (USDS))
4:45pm5:25pm Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Location: Murray Hill East B
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When the website failed, it was a turning point and an opportunity. In the last few years, hundreds of engineers, designers, and product managers have signed up to do tours of service in government. Matt Cutts explores what happens when technology and government mix. A lot of interesting things, it turns out. Matt leads a tour of some of the changes made to

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Matt Cutts

United States Digital Service (USDS)

Matt Cutts is acting administrator and distinguished engineer at the US Digital Service, which delivers better government services through technology and design. Previously, Matt worked at Google, where he wrote the first version of SafeSearch, Google’s family filter, and led the webspam team, where he protected the quality of Google’s search results and answered questions about search engine optimization and ranking algorithms.