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October 1–2, 2017: Training
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New York, NY

Blockchains and cryptocurrencies: New paradigms for shared data

Neha Narula (Digital Currency Initiative)
10:25am10:40am Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Location: Grand Ballroom West
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Bitcoin showed us a new way of moving value around the internet without intermediaries. Neha Narula explains how this paradigm might apply to our traditional ways of thinking about databases that cross organizational boundaries. As data on the web becomes consolidated around a few key players, the blockchain might help users gain more control.

Photo of Neha Narula

Neha Narula

Digital Currency Initiative

Neha Narula is director of research at the Digital Currency Initiative (part of the MIT Media Lab), where she teaches courses and leads cryptocurrency and blockchain research. Previously, she built fast, scalable databases and secure software systems. She speaks about these topics at industry and research conferences. In a previous life, Neha helped relaunch the news aggregator Digg and was a senior software engineer at Google, where she designed Blobstore, a system for storing and serving petabytes of immutable data, and worked on Native Client, a system for running native code securely through a browser. She holds a PhD in computer science from MIT.