September 19–20, 2016: Training
September 20–22, 2016: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY
Oliver Gould

Oliver Gould
CTO, Buoyant

Oliver Gould is the CTO of Buoyant, where he leads open source development efforts. Previously, he was a staff infrastructure engineer at Twitter, where he was the tech lead of the Observability, Traffic, and Configuration and Coordination teams. Oliver is the creator of linkerd and a core contributor to Finagle, the high-volume RPC library used at Twitter, Pinterest, SoundCloud, and many other companies.


1:30pm–2:10pm Thursday, 09/22/2016
Infrastructure reimagined Cloud, DevOps Gramercy Audience level: Intermediate
Oliver Gould (Buoyant)
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What is required to operate microservices at scale? Beyond containers, schedulers, and frameworks, what is actually required to turn hundreds of services, tens of thousands of machines, and millions of requests per second into a unified, performant application? Oliver Gould explores the evolution of Twitter's stack and the surprising glue that held it together: layer 5, the session layer. Read more.