September 19–20, 2016: Training
September 20–22, 2016: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY
Kief Morris

Kief Morris
Consultant, ThoughtWorks

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Kief Morris is cloud practice lead at ThoughtWorks and the author of the upcoming O’Reilly book Infrastructure as Code. Kief works with organizations to understand how to take advantage of the cloud, infrastructure automation, DevOps, and continuous delivery to become more effective at delivering IT services. Originally from Tennessee, Kief has been based in London since the dot-com days.


4:45pm–5:25pm Thursday, 09/22/2016
Infrastructure reimagined Automation, Cloud Gramercy Audience level: Intermediate
Kief Morris (ThoughtWorks)
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Infrastructure as code leverages Agile engineering tools and practices to provision and manage highly reliable infrastructure at speed. Building on the concepts from his book, Infrastructure as Code, Kief Morris explains how a team can implement a change-management pipeline to create a fast, reliable process for testing and hosting infrastructure for their microservices-based system. Read more.