September 19–20, 2016: Training
September 20–22, 2016: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY

Solving your web application performance problems with managed DNS (No, we’re not kidding.)

11:35am–12:15pm Thursday, 09/22/2016
Sponsored Murray Hill East B (Sponsored) Audience level: Intermediate

Prerequisite knowledge

  • A general knowledge of monitoring, Internet performance management, CDN, cloud services, troubleshooting, and data analysis
  • What you'll learn

  • Understand the “hidden” power of managed DNS for building and running high-performance, distributed web applications
  • Description

    For more than 30 years, the DNS has been one of the fundamental protocols of the Internet. Yet despite its accepted importance, it has never quite gotten the due it deserves. Businesses frequently bundle their DNS with other purchases or deploy it in a very vanilla fashion. Phil Stanhope explores the “hidden” power of managed DNS for building and running high-performance, distributed web applications.

    Topics include:

    • Geolocation and mobile: using DNS to tell you the optimal network path to allow your apps and services deliver the best user experience
    • DevOps: incorporating real-time Internet intelligence and alerting into your DevOps/ChatOps environments
    • High availability: how managed DNS helps mitigate increasing DDoS attacks, unavailable assets, and routing anomalies
    • Internet performance management: how real-time Internet performance monitoring can be combined with managed DNS to provide Internet load balancing and mitigate against network outages and latency issues
    • Multicloud and CDN: using managed DNS to support a multicloud/CDN environment for optimal price and performance

    This session is sponsored by Dyn.

    Photo of Stanhope Philip

    Stanhope Philip


    Phil Stanhope is vice president of technology at Dyn. Phil’s focus varies across engineering, infrastructure, architecture, analytics, operations, and emerging technology strategy and planning. Phil is a known thought leader in the industry, having served on numerous advisory boards and technology adoption programs over the past 25 years.