September 19–20, 2016: Training
September 20–22, 2016: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY

Serverless is other people

Rachel Chalmers (Unitive)
9:35am–9:55am Wednesday, 09/21/2016
Grand Ballroom
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In a serverless world, your ops team is your first, last, and only line of defense against some of the worst scum in the universe. Rachel Chalmers explains what that really means for security, networking, support, and most importantly, culture.

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Rachel Chalmers


Rachel Chalmers joined Ignition as a principal in 2013, sourcing deals in enterprise and cloud infrastructure, big data, and the Internet of Things, advising portfolio companies, and providing counsel on industry trends. Rachel is currently vice president of marketing at Ignition portfolio company Unitive. Previously, Rachel worked for 13 years at the 451 Group, an independent technology industry analyst firm focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation.