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30–31 Oct 2018: Training
31 Oct–2 Nov 2018: Tutorials & Conference
London, UK

Convince your manager

You're eager to attend Velocity, and why not? You know it has the potential to help you work smarter, support your business objectives, and advance your career goals. But does your manager? Below are some resources that can help you get approval to attend.

Before the conference: Build support for your attendance

  • Download and customize this Request to Attend Template.
  • Open and customize this Request to Attend Email.
  • Start the approval process right away to secure the Best or Early price; review the list of discounts to see if you qualify
  • Note that the conference offers training courses (included in Platinum or Training passes); find out if your company has additional budget resources for training, or is more likely to approve requests for training.

During the conference: Track your participation

The conference website and O’Reilly Events app have useful features to help keep track of your participation. Use the Personal Schedule feature to track the sessions you attend (you must be registered to access the Personal Schedule).

A few weeks before the conference, you'll receive a notification when the Attendee Directory becomes available. Start to note and contact the people you're interested in meeting.

During the conference, post about the sessions you attend on your social media channels. You'll gain new followers, grow your network, and your colleagues will see what you're learning. The official Twitter conference hashtag is #VelocityConf.

After the conference: Create a report and share what you learned

Use your personal schedule information, your social media posts, and the conference Trip Report Template to create a report detailing what you learned. Supplement your own materials with speaker slides and keynote videos, posted during and after the conference. Search for news articles, blog posts, and #VelocityConf tweets for additional reference materials to include.

All passes include a free 90-day membership to Safari, the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform. You'll have unlimited access to the complete Velocity conference video compilation, in addition to Learning Paths, interactive tutorials, thousands of ebooks and training videos, and more. If you have a Platinum or Gold pass, the video compilation will automatically be added to your O'Reilly Account.

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