7–9 November 2016: Conference & Tutorials
9–10 November 2016: Training
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Schedule: Automation sessions

13:45–14:25 Monday, 7/11/2016
Arianna Aondio (Varnish Software Group)
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(3.27, 11 ratings)
Software developers have a lot on their plate today. Besides their core programming work, they are immersed in marketing, support, and other activities and must continuously switch contexts—a process brains struggle with that university doesn’t prepared you for. Arianna Aondio shares her experience and explores the technologies she uses to overcome these issues. Read more.
16:10–16:50 Monday, 7/11/2016
Metrics/monitoring Automation Auditorium (Ground + Balcony) Audience level: Beginner
Pieter Buteneers (CoScale)
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(3.30, 20 ratings)
Anomaly detection. Many people speak about it, some use it, some build it, some love it. . .but many hate it. Pieter Buteneers offers an overview of this strange beast and explains why you should use it. Read more.
13:45–14:25 Tuesday, 8/11/2016
Reimaging DevOps, security, and infrastructure Automation, Continuous delivery Emerald Room & Lounge Audience level: Intermediate
Mandi Walls (Chef)
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(3.88, 8 ratings)
When we're looking for improved velocity and speeding up the process of delivering value to customers, incorporating security and compliance requirements is important. Mandi Walls offers an overview of InSpec, a tool that can help bridge the gap between security needs and operational realities in continuous delivery workflows. Read more.
13:45–14:25 Tuesday, 8/11/2016
Organizational infrastructure Automation, Organizational optimization E104/105/106 Audience level: Intermediate
Michael Maibaum (Sky Betting & Gaming)
Average rating: ****.
(4.25, 12 ratings)
Sky Betting & Gaming bought into the DevOps philosophy years ago. During that time, the business has changed radically, going from 250 to 1,000 employees with >30% growth year on year. Michael Maibaum describes how the DevOps function has changed repeatedly over the last few years to help the company continue to move fast and keep systems operating through organizational and technical challenges. Read more.
14:40–15:20 Tuesday, 8/11/2016
Reimaging DevOps, security, and infrastructure Automation, Security Emerald Room & Lounge Audience level: Intermediate
Jasvir Nagra (Instart Logic)
Average rating: ****.
(4.50, 8 ratings)
Bots today slow down servers with unnecessary load and increasingly use real browsers to automate attacks. Jasvir Nagra explores how existing solutions work, their pros and cons, how to morph your application and use behavior-based signals to more precisely detect and thwart bots, and the analysis and automatic rewriting needed to correctly transform your web app safely. Read more.