7–9 November 2016: Conference & Tutorials
9–10 November 2016: Training
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Robert Schrijvers

Robert Schrijvers
Java Developer and Performance Consultant, Schrijvers IT Improvement

Robert Schrijvers has been working in IT for more than 25 years and playing with Java from the start. With the introduction of J2EE, Java became his focus, both in development and performance tuning. When three-tier architectures moved to SOA and distributed systems, Robert moved along with it, dealing with the performance issues of complex systems that led him to the microservices. Besides working as a contractor at one of the biggest banks in the Netherlands, Robert leads trainings across the Netherlands, as well as in other European countries, the Middle East, and South Africa, and teaches at the Hogeschool Utrecht.


14:40–15:20 Monday, 7/11/2016
Reimaging DevOps, security, and infrastructure Cloud, Continuous delivery Emerald Room & Lounge Audience level: Beginner
Rix Groenboom (Parasoft), Robert Schrijvers (Schrijvers IT Improvement)
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Do you want to regain control of testing what you want to test, when you want to? Are your testing efforts blocked by unavailable or restricted dependencies? Rix Groenboom and Robert Schrijvers demonstrate an approach that allows you to create tailor-made test environments on the fly by leveraging service virtualization, containers, and cloud services, enabling you to test anything, anytime. Read more.