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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Come with me if you want to live: On teams, rock stars, and becoming extraordinary

Astrid Atkinson (Google)
9:35–10:05 Tuesday, 8/11/2016
Auditorium (Ground + Balcony)
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Too often we talk about the healthy culture of a team and the performance of individuals as if they were somehow at odds, as if in pursuit of a welcoming, inclusive, and diverse team it were necessary to excise all the rock stars so that nobody stands out.

But what is an extraordinary team if not the place where everyone is able to develop their unique talents to the fullest? What if it were possible to be at once inclusive and also totally badass? Astrid Atkinson explains how to build a team that’s fearless in the face of uncertainty and creative in the face of change.

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Astrid Atkinson


Astrid Atkinson is director of software engineering at Google, where she leads development frameworks. During her 10+ years at Google, Astrid has built infrastructure and managed a variety of engineering teams and spent more than five years on call for Google.com. She has led teams across the infrastructure map, from the team responsible for running and building Google’s web-serving layer to App Engine and cloud systems to core search.