7–9 November 2016: Conference & Tutorials
9–10 November 2016: Training
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Kubernetes and Prometheus: The beginning of a beautiful friendship

Björn Rabenstein (SoundCloud)
17:05–17:45 Monday, 7/11/2016
Metrics/monitoring Cloud, DevOps Auditorium (Ground + Balcony) Audience level: Beginner
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Prerequisite knowledge

  • A basic understanding of Kubernetes and Prometheus, as well as some basic monitoring experience

What you'll learn

  • Understand why and how Kubernetes and Prometheus work so well together


Two of the themes Velocity is focusing on this year are “reimagining infrastructure” and “measuring the right things." The container orchestration system Kubernetes is a big player in the former, while the monitoring and alerting system Prometheus is extremely helpful to accomplish the latter. It shouldn’t surprise you that the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has accepted Prometheus as its second hosted project after Kubernetes. Each project alone is of great importance for “born in the cloud” applications. However, it gets really interesting when you combine the two.

Björn Rabenstein explores how Kubernetes and Prometheus work together. Björn had an important role in bringing up Prometheus at SoundCloud. With more than seven years at Google under his belt, he is also quite familiar with the technologies that served as an inspiration for both Kubernetes and Prometheus. Björn explains how this beautiful friendship is possible despite the projects’ independent developments and outlines the top five reasons why the two play so nicely together.

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Björn Rabenstein


Björn Rabenstein is a production engineer at SoundCloud and one of the main Prometheus developers. Previously, Björn was a site reliability engineer at Google and a number cruncher for science.

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8/11/2016 1:12 CET

Slides are here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Ad-Q8752SJmgXsNnSn9RFQP7Kn0kPEt27nDNKDKi9x4/edit?usp=sharing