7–9 November 2016: Conference & Tutorials
9–10 November 2016: Training
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Anarchist Cookbook: DevOps and Agile recipes for blowing up the waterfall

Arnoud Vermeer (Leaseweb)
17:05–17:45 Monday, 7/11/2016
Organizational infrastructure DevOps, Organizational optimization E104/105/106 Audience level: Intermediate
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Prerequisite knowledge

  • A basic knowledge of Scrum

What you'll learn

  • Learn practical lessons on how Agile and DevOps can transform your business—with examples from LeaseWeb's recent transition to toward a more Agile and empowered engineering culture


Things weren’t working out at LeaseWeb, a large hosting company with 350 employees, about 100 of them engineers. The company had a very un-transparent engineering department that met no deadlines and only worked on projects that were disconnected from the business needs made up of unhappy and unempowered employees working for whoever screamed the loudest.

As a result, LeaseWeb has started a transition toward a more Agile and empowered engineering culture. Arnoud Vermeer offers a summary of things LeaseWeb did to foster the change, the impact they had, and lessons learned along the way. Arnoud introduces the cultural transition LeaseWeb started before moving on to the goals LeaseWeb set and the processes and tools it put in place to realize them. These goals include:

  • Fully autonomous teams that are empowered
  • Predictable development
  • Priorities based on value for the company
  • Transparency on development and company roadmap
  • Responsive organization based on market needs

These practical examples will give you ideas to improve your own way of working.

Photo of Arnoud Vermeer

Arnoud Vermeer


Arnoud Vermeer has worked at the web-scale startups Square and Tumblr. He joined LeaseWeb to help the company automate its infrastructure so that it can scale faster to sustain its growth rate.

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Picture of André Morrow
André Morrow
8/11/2016 16:07 CET

The slides are now available.

Harvey Shaw
8/11/2016 15:51 CET

Arnoud, cans you share your slide deck for this session please?