Engineer for the future of Cloud
June 10-13, 2019
San Jose, CA
Nicole Forsgren

Nicole Forsgren
CEO and Chief Scientist, DORA

Website | @nicolefv

Nicole Forsgren does research and strategy at Google Cloud following the acquisition of her startup DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) by Google. She’s coauthor of the book Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps and is best known for her work measuring the technology process and as the lead investigator on the largest DevOps studies to date. She’s been an entrepreneur, professor, sysadmin, and performance engineer. Nicole’s work has been published in several peer-reviewed journals. Nicole earned her PhD in management information systems from the University of Arizona and is a research affiliate at Clemson University and Florida International University.


3:50pm4:30pm Thursday, June 13, 2019
Location: LL20 A/B
Emily Freeman (Microsoft), Nicole Forsgren (DORA)
You’ll walk away from this game show—Emily Freeman and Nicole Forsgren mean "talk," that is—with a smile on your face, a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of technical advocacy, and how developer relations benefit you as an engineer. Read more.