Engineer for the future of Cloud
June 10-13, 2019
San Jose, CA

Community projects inform enterprise products (sponsored by Microsoft Azure)

Lachie Evenson (Microsoft), Bridget Kromhout (Microsoft)
10:00am10:05am Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Location: Grand Ballroom 220
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Microsoft supports and contributes to open source. It also works with many enterprises that, like Microsoft itself, view security as a primary concern. Striking the right balance between the control Microsoft needs and the flexibility it wants means finding (or creating) the right tool for the job.

Because the company believes in open technologies and customer choice, it expanded the scope of Azure Policy Controller to Kubernetes Policy Controller, then donated it to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s Open Policy Agent, where it was renamed Gatekeeper. Gatekeeper is a community-driven approach for enforcing policy on any Kubernetes cluster, with automatic enforcement ranging from authorization and admission control to data filtering. The contributor community includes Google, Red Hat, and Styra.

Lachlan Evenson and Bridget Kromhout discuss the journey to build Gatekeeper in the open and explain how the tool helped inform how an enterprise offering on Azure was built. You’ll learn how flexible and fine-grained control enables you to set the necessary guardrails while expressing policies consistently, no matter the language or service.

We create the most secure software when we collaborate in the open to ensure a broad base of community support. Join in for pragmatic tips on how to effectively contribute to and use open source tools.

This keynote is sponsored by Microsoft Azure.

Photo of Lachie Evenson

Lachie Evenson


Lachlan Evenson is a principal program manager on the Azure Containers team at Microsoft. He has spent the last two and a half years working with Kubernetes and enabling cloud native journeys. Lachie serves as a cloud native ambassador and TOC contributor and has deep operational knowledge of many cloud native projects.

Photo of Bridget Kromhout

Bridget Kromhout


Bridget Kromhout is a principal cloud advocate at Microsoft. Her CS degree emphasis was in theory, but she now deals with the concrete (if the cloud can be considered tangible). After 15 years as an operations engineer, Bridget traded being on call for being on a plane. A frequent speaker and program committee member for tech conferences, she leads the Devopsdays organization globally and the DevOps community at home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She podcasts with Arrested DevOps, blogs at, and is active in a Twitterverse near you.