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June 10-13, 2019
San Jose, CA

25 billion transactions and counting: How Dell manages application performance at scale (sponsored by Riverbed)

Jon Hodgson (Riverbed), Jeremy Tupa (Dell), Marcelo Soares (Dell)
1:25pm2:05pm Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Location: LL20 D
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What you'll learn

  • Learn to manage and optimize tens of thousands of microservices and containers
  • Discover key insights for evolving DevOps tools and methodologies


The scale of cloud native environments can be overwhelming. How do you evolve your DevOps practices and employ cutting-edge technology to ensure the best app performance whether your customers are executing thousands or even billions of transactions a day?

At Dell, the scale of this effort is astonishing: New apps are being developed, legacy apps are being rewritten, and existing apps often go through regular redesigns. Hundreds of engineers across development, ops, and support teams participate in the optimization effort for 2,000+ legacy and interconnected cloud native applications.

So what does it take to ensure the performance of 25 billion transactions? Jon Hodgson, Jeremy Tupa, and Marcelo Soares share how Dell’s application performance team delivered exactly that for Black Friday. You’ll get practical advice you can apply to your own environment, whether large or small, including how to manage and optimize tens of thousands of microservices and containers, key insights for evolving DevOps tools and methodologies, and Dell’s partnership with Riverbed to deliver exceptional application performance.

This session is sponsored by Riverbed.

Photo of Jon Hodgson

Jon Hodgson


Jon Hodgson is the principal scientist for APM at Riverbed Technology. For over a decade, Jon has helped hundreds of organizations around the world optimize the reliability and performance of their mission-critical applications. With a background in data science, application architecture, systems administration, networking, and programming, Jon employs a multidisciplinary approach to troubleshooting, enabling him to analyze and solve some of the most challenging performance issues in complex modern environments. When he’s not obsessing about data visualization and making things perform faster, Jon enjoys digging things up with his tractor at his home in Missouri.

Photo of Jeremy Tupa

Jeremy Tupa


Jeremy Tupa is an application performance management consultant at Dell. His 20-year career has spanned application development and architecture, service operations, and performance management. Over the years, Jeremy has lent his expertise to a variety of apps across the Dell portfolio, including, mobility, services, manufacturing, corporate finance, and HR. When he’s not wearing his cape as a performance superhero for Dell, Jeremy can be found out in the wild camping with his son or playing soccer or video games.

Photo of Marcelo Soares

Marcelo Soares


Marcelo Soares is a senior IT manager at Dell leading the application performance management organization globally. With 21 years of IT industry experience across multiple IT verticals, covering a wide range of disciplines from IT operations and support to testing and quality and also leading development delivery organizations.