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June 10-13, 2019
San Jose, CA

Two hearts, one mind: Delivering the same platform to SaaS and on-premises

Renee Orser (NS1)
3:50pm4:35pm Wednesday, June 12, 2019
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Who is this presentation for?

  • Engineering leaders, DevOps, and system architects



What you'll learn

  • Learn to navigate the significant architectural, cultural, and organizational design challenges implied by diversification of a product suite across deployment models


NS1 is one of the first infrastructure companies to both deliver software for on-premises and operate a cloud SaaS solution of its intelligent DNS and traffic management services. NS1 delivers the same software to both models, and as a result, its engineering organization and architecture roadmaps must span both.

Renee Orser details the journey the team has taken over the past two years to tackle the systemic complexity presented by multiple deployment mechanisms from first developing and operating a SaaS DNS platform to later releasing versioned software for on-premises usage of the company’s DNS products. She highlights a handful of the technology decisions required to purpose the technology toward a model that supports generic operators and disparate network environments, as well as methodologies for the managed services operations team to consume the same packages delivered to these customers and provide feedback. She dives into choices made to balance continuous delivery to one of the largest and most distributed global edge networks against scheduled and reliable release management for their containerized solutions. She walks you through how the team is progressing on a unified architectural model to ensure resources are allocated efficiently and end users have a singular technology experience.

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Renee Orser


Renee Orser is the vice president of engineering at NS1, where she oversees all delivery and operations of NS1’s engineering organization. Renee brings deep expertise in facilitation, cross-functional communication, and brash problem solving to NS1’s teams. Previously, Renee spent a decade working and traveling in over 30 countries while managing teams delivering distributed, highly scalable digital healthcare products to governments and international nonprofits; her roles included senior program manager at ThoughtWorks, analyst at Partners In Health, and independent consultant. She holds a BA in international relations and Arabic from Tufts University.