Engineer for the future of Cloud
June 10-13, 2019
San Jose, CA

150ms or less: Faster, lighter compute virtualization with Firecracker

Abby Fuller (Amazon Web Services)
1:25pm2:05pm Thursday, June 13, 2019
Building Cloud Native Systems
Location: LL21 A/B



Prerequisite knowledge

  • Basic knowledge of containers, serverless, and virtual machines (helpful)


Firecracker is a new open source virtualization technology for secure, multitenant, low-overhead workloads. Firecracker was designed to provide better security, better resource usage, and a better startup time for containers and serverless workloads. Abby Fuller talks about why it was built (and how it was designed) and how it’s used as a building block for Amazon services like Lambda and Fargate.

Abby also covers how you can use Firecracker as a building block for your own projects and how you can think about using it for containerized workloads. Plus, how it might fit into the bigger picture for modern application development.

Photo of Abby Fuller

Abby Fuller

Amazon Web Services

Abby Fuller works on the containers team at Amazon Web Services. Previously, Abby worked at a number of startups, including Airtime and Hailo.

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