Engineer for the future of Cloud
June 10-13, 2019
San Jose, CA

Cloud native infrastructure deployments with Terraform

Neil Peterson (Microsoft)
9:00am12:30pm Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Building Cloud Native Systems
Location: LL21 C/D
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Prerequisite knowledge

  • A basic understanding of cloud providers and cloud-based infrastructure

Materials or downloads needed in advance

  • A laptop and GitHub account

What you'll learn

  • Discover how you can deploy cloud infrastructure with Terraform to modernize your cloud infrastructure


As we move toward hosting workloads on cloud-based resources such as virtual machines, storage, and container-based solutions, it’s also important to modernize how these resources are deployed and managed. Gone are the days of manual and one-off virtual machine deployments and upgrades. In a cloud native world, infrastructure deployments should be repeatable, automated, and version controlled. In order to reach this cloud native goal, it’s important to consider template-based deployment technologies.

Neil Peterson discusses and compares the available template-based solutions for deploying cloud-based infrastructure. He then digs in deep on using Terraform to deploy and upgrade fully configured solutions, as well solutions that span multiple cloud providers. Finally, he walks you through methods for integrating Terraform deployments into change management processes and continuous deployment pipelines. You’ll quickly get up to speed on methods for modern infrastructure deployments with Terraform.

You’ll use Azure as the cloud provider and will be provided access to Azure trial subscriptions for the workshop labs. While Azure will be used, all concepts from the workshop are portable to most cloud providers.

Photo of Neil Peterson

Neil Peterson


Neil Peterson is a senior content engineer at Microsoft, where he delivers technical documentation and samples with a focus on Azure and containers. A data center and cloud enthusiast, Neil has 15 years’ experience in large data center deployment, management, and maintenance operations.

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Shyam pusapaty | SRE
06/06/2019 7:40am PDT

My understanding is that windows requires restart for some configuration updates which needs to happen during boot time. for example: updates to registry. If more updates have to be made depending on the state (as a result of earlier update), how can this be handled in terraform?

Picture of Audra Carter
06/05/2019 2:29am PDT

Hi @nii – yes the tutorial will be recorded.

Picture of Neil Peterson
06/05/2019 1:02am PDT

Nii, I do not know if the workshop will be recorded. I’m assuming it will not be.

I do have self-paced content for the workshop and will post them here once completed.

06/04/2019 4:42pm PDT

Hi Neil! Will there be notes and a video recording posted after this tutorial session?