Engineer for the future of Cloud
June 10-13, 2019
San Jose, CA

Track Hosts

Experts from our program committee have curated tracks to help guide learning for specific topics.

Hosting Monitoring, Observability, and Performance sessions »

João Taveira AraújoJoão Taveira Araújo is a founding engineer at a startup working on observability. Prior to disappearing into stealth mode, he spent the first half of his career in academia studying network protocols, and the second half breaking them as a software engineer at Fastly.

Hosting Distributed Data sessions »

Silvia BotrosSilvia Botros (SendGrid) is a principal database engineer at SendGrid, a cloud email provider for household names like Spotify, Pandora, Airbnb, and eBay. In her spare time, she is busy with three Jr. DBAs at home (start them early!).

Hosting Building Resilient Systems sessions »

David CalaveraDavid Calavera (Netlify) is the CTO of Netlify where he and his team are building the best platform for deploying and automating modern web projects. Before that, he was a core member of the Docker Engine project, where he helped developers build the container engine that started the container revolution. David also built enterprise tools for GitHub and has contributed to numerous open source projects, such us Go, JRuby and many others.

Hosting Building Cloud Native Systems sessions »

Tasha DrewTasha Drew (VMware) is a product line manager at VMware, working on vSphere, and is the Kubernetes working group co-chair for Multitenancy. Previously, she was the product manager for, an open source framework for building, running and deploying applications in a 12-factor, cloud-native friendly way—that works for both legacy and net new applications and services. Prior, she launched Chef Automate's analytics platform,, was responsible for product management for Engine Yard Cloud, and spent some years running around Lockheed Martin's data centers. She holds a masters degree in Management from RPI and a bachelors degree in Computer Science from USC.

Hosting Building Secure Systems sessions »

Arun KejariwalArun Kejariwal Until recently, Arun Kejariwal was a statistical learning principal at Machine Zone (MZ), where he led a team of top-tier researchers and worked on research and development of novel techniques for install and click fraud detection and assessing the efficacy of TV campaigns and optimization of marketing campaigns. In addition, his team built novel methods for bot detection, intrusion detection, and real-time anomaly detection. Previously, Arun worked at Twitter, where he developed and open-sourced techniques for anomaly detection and breakout detection. His research includes the development of practical and statistically rigorous techniques and methodologies to deliver high-performance, availability, and scalability in large-scale distributed clusters. Some of the techniques he helped develop have been presented at international conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals.

Hosting Emerging Tech sessions »

Nirmal MehtaNirmal Mehta (Booz Allen Hamilton) is Chief Technologist in the Strategic Innovations Group at Booz Allen Hamilton specializing in research, implementation and integration of emerging technologies to Booz Allen’s federal government client base. He leads the firms efforts in containerization and distributed application architectures, and thought leader for DevOps practices. He is passionate about Open Source, Containerization, Cloud Automation, DevOps, Machine Learning, Cultural Transformation and integrating open-source software to push the capabilities of future IT infrastructure. He focuses on bringing leading edge technologies to enterprise systems for commercial and public sector clients. His other interests include immersive technologies, virtual and augmented reality and the intersection with Machine Learning.

Hosting Production Engineering, SRE, and DevOps sessions »

Edward MullerEdward Muller (Heroku) is the Engineering Manager of Heroku's Operational Experience team which focuses on helping customers understand how their Heroku apps are operating. During his career he has written open source and closed source software in several different programming languages, run an ISP, architected systems at a large financial company, owned a cyber cafe, and designed, installed and managed networks running all sorts of systems from Linux to Microsoft Windows to Novell Netware. He has spent the last 11 years working on PaaS systems with a focus on operations, logging and observability.

Hosting Kubernetes sessions »

Kris NovaKris Nova is currently independent focusing on containers, infrastructure, and Kubernetes. Kris is also an ambassador for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Previously, she was a developer advocate and an engineer on Kubernetes at Heptio. Nova has a deep technical background in the Go programming language and has authored many successful open source tools in Go. She is a Kubernetes maintainer and the creator of kubicorn, a successful Kubernetes infrastructure management tool. Nova organizes a special interest group in Kubernetes and is a leader in the community. She understands the grievances with running cloud-native infrastructure via a distributed cloud-native application and recently authored an O’Reilly book on the topic, Cloud Native Infrastructure. Kris lives in Seattle and spends her free time climbing mountains.

Hosting Serverless sessions »

Devon O'DellDevon O'Dell (Google) is a recovering competitive Guitar Hero and Rock Band addict, but still occasionally enjoys rhythm games and jamming on guitar and drums. Today, he is a Senior Systems Engineer at Google. Prior to Google, Devon held software leadership positions at Fastly and Message Systems, implementing high performance and low latency network servers. His experience over the past 17 years ranges from web applications to embedded systems firmware (and most areas in-between). His primary technical interests are developing and debugging low-latency concurrent network systems software and related tools.

Hosting Overcoming Obstacles: Lessons in Resilience sessions »

Greg PoirierGreg Poirier is the lead software engineer on New Relic's Systems Performance team working with engineers to diagnose and improve performance issues in their software. He has previously worked in engineering at Sensu, Stripe, Oracle, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Earthlink. He has a background in monitoring, systems, and infosec and holds a BS in Computer Science from Auburn University.

Hosting Overcoming Obstacles: Lessons in Resilience sessions »

Paula PaulPaula Paul Paula Paul is a "technology principal with ThoughtWorks where she helps
organizations adopt cloud native technology and serves the community as an
ABI Syster, diversity speaker, and mentor. Paula entered the workforce as a
software engineer at IBM in the early '80s, where she shipped her first
product on magnetic tape. She’s shipped many software products since then,
evangelized .NET with Microsoft, held executive positions in technology
architecture and operations, and taught people of all ages to code. Paula
is passionate about equal opportunities for technical literacy and enjoys
(half) joking that Kubernetes reminds her of IBM/370 systems programming.

Hosting Leadership sessions »

Davy StevensonDavy Stevenson (Fastly) is Director of Application Engineering at Fastly. She works remotely in beautiful, sunny Portland, Oregon. She has a long history building successful products in the high tech space. Prior to Fastly, she worked at GitHub, Esri, Elemental Technologies and Insitu. Davy holds degrees in Astrophysics and Computer Science from Williams College and a Masters in Computer Science from Portland State University.

Hosting Overcoming Obstacles: Lessons in Resilience sessions »

Cassandra ShumCassie Shum is the technical director for the east portfolio in North
America at ThoughtWorks. A software engineer and architect, she's spent
that last nine years focusing on architectures including event-driven
systems and microservices, a wide range of technologies with an emphasis on
mobile and software delivery excellence, and she's helped grow delivery
practices and technical strategy and support the next generation of
technologists. Some of her passions include advocating for women in
technology and public speaking. She's involved in promoting more female
speakers in technology.

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