Building and maintaining complex distributed systems
June 19–20, 2017: Training
June 20–22, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
San Jose, CA
Sasha Goldshtein

Sasha Goldshtein
CTO, Sela Group

Website | @goldshtn

Sasha Goldshtein is the CTO of Sela Group, a Microsoft C# MVP and Azure MRS, a Pluralsight author, and an international consultant and trainer. Sasha’s consulting work revolves mainly around distributed architecture, production debugging, and mobile application development. Sasha is the author of Introducing Windows 7 for Developers (Microsoft Press) and Pro .NET Performance (Apress). He is also a prolific blogger and the author of numerous training courses, including .NET Debugging, .NET Performance, Android Application Development, and Modern C++.


1:30pm–5:00pm Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Systems Engineering
Location: LL21 C/D
Level: Intermediate
Sasha Goldshtein (Sela Group)
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Sasha Goldshtein leads a hands-on workshop on Linux dynamic tracing. You'll explore the BPF Compiler Collection (BCC), a set of tools and libraries for dynamic tracing, and gain firsthand experience of memory leak analysis, generic function tracing, kernel tracepoints, static tracepoints in user-space programs, and the baked-in tools for file I/O, network, and CPU analysis. Read more.