Training: June 20–21, 2016
Tutorials: June 21, 2016
Keynotes & Sessions: June 22–23, 2016
Santa Clara, CA
Caitie McCaffrey

Caitie McCaffrey
Distributed Systems Engineer, Twitter

Website | @caitie

Caitie McCaffrey is a backend brat and distributed systems diva at Twitter. Previously, Caitie spent the majority of her career at 343 Industries, Microsoft Game Studios, and HBO building the large-scale services and systems that power the entertainment industry. Caitie has a degree in computer science from Cornell University and has worked on several video games including Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3, Halo 4, and Halo 5. She maintains a blog at and frequently discusses technology on Twitter.


10:05am–10:20am Wednesday, 06/22/2016
Location: Mission City Ballroom
Ines Sombra (Fastly), Caitie McCaffrey (Twitter)
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Surprisingly enough, academic papers can be interesting and very relevant to the work we do in industry as practitioners. Ines Sombra and Caitie McCaffrey demonstrate how academic papers can radically change your perspective and introduce you to new ideas, offering a tour of papers that have reshaped the way they think about building large-scale distributed systems. Read more.