Training: June 20–21, 2016
Tutorials: June 21, 2016
Keynotes & Sessions: June 22–23, 2016
Santa Clara, CA
Diego Lapiduz

Diego Lapiduz
Solutions Architect, Pivotal


Diego Lapiduz is leading an effort to change how the government deploys software at 18F. He, and the team, built a platform to allow faster and easier government compliance without sacrificing developer experience. Earlier in his career, Diego worked on projects ranging from ecommerce to social networks. You can find Diego rambling about software architecture, DevOps, and other unrelated topics.


10:10am–10:25am Thursday, 06/23/2016
Infrastructure reimagined
Location: Mission City Ballroom Level: Non-technical
Diego Lapiduz (Pivotal)
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There's a software culture revolution inside the government. User-centric design, lean, and agile are first citizens, but the increased velocity in development and testing requires a change in the way the government does deployment, security, and compliance. Diego Lapiduz shows how the team is building tools to achieve faster deployments and continuous compliance in a secure environment. Read more.