Training: June 20–21, 2016
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Santa Clara, CA

Is your performance analysis approach as cutting edge as your application architecture?

Jon Hodgson (Riverbed Technology)
1:15pm–1:55pm Wednesday, 06/22/2016
Case studies, Measuring the right things
Location: Ballroom F Level: Intermediate
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With the adoption of elastic computing, containers, and microservices, application topology is often transient, nebulous, and unpredictably interrelated with countless other applications and services. This has posed a serious challenge for performance monitoring, since many tools and techniques are still rooted to static physical concepts like tiers, servers, and JVMs.

The nature of performance problems has similarly increased in complexity. It is no longer sufficient to simply identify the “most overloaded servers” or “top slowest code.” A new performance analysis paradigm is needed that can identify the overarching issues that have the greatest impact on business goals and revenue.

Jon Hodgson presents a new performance analysis paradigm and covers real-world case studies where these techniques revealed major problems which previously went undiagnosed. In one case, the techniques uncovered a seemingly small issue that had an unexpectedly large cascading effect across dozens of applications and affected millions of transactions for tens of thousands of users each day. One centralized fix dramatically improved end-user experience and the bottom line for multiple lines of business.

This session is sponsored by Riverbed.

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Jon Hodgson

Riverbed Technology

Jon C. Hodgson is an APM subject-matter expert for Riverbed Technology. For over a decade, Jon has helped hundreds of organizations around the world optimize the reliability and performance of their mission-critical applications. With a background in systems administration, networking, programming, and application architecture, Jon’s multidisciplinary approach to troubleshooting has enabled him to analyze and solve a wide variety of problems ranging from typical code/SQL inefficiencies to more complex issues related to resource saturation, network effects, and low-level OS/virtualization bottlenecks. When he’s not obsessing about how to make things perform faster, Jon enjoys digging things up with his tractor at his home in Missouri.