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Santa Clara, CA

Monitoring to the nth tier: The state of distributed tracing in 2016

Dan Kuebrich (AppNeta)
11:20am–12:00pm Thursday, 06/23/2016
Location: Ballroom E
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All web applications are distributed by definition, but they’re becoming even more so with the growing popularity of cloud-, container-, and microservice-based architectures. Distributed applications have desirable advantages in terms of scale and reliability, but they also complicate or invalidate many guarantees and a lot of tools enjoyed in a monolithic world. Consequently, the tooling landscape is changing rapidly with regard to basic capabilities like performance, logging, and debugging. Some web giants have addressed this internally, but industry and OSS have lagged behind.

Dan Kuebrich introduces distributed tracing as a visibility and performance tool, walking attendees through the the motivations, techniques, and implementation of a tracing system (using the system AppNeta built as an example), surveying prior art in distributed tracing from academia to industry, and exploring the current landscape of both OSS and vendors as well as the path forward.

This session is sponsored by AppNeta.

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Dan Kuebrich


Dan Kuebrich is CTO of AppNeta, where he is responsible for guiding the company’s long-term technology and product vision as well as directly managing forward-looking research. Prior to his role as CTO, Dan served as product manager for AppNeta, focused on TraceView, which he cofounded as Tracelytics (acquired by AppNeta in 2012). Previously, Dan was an engineer at AmieStreet/ and Sun Microsystems. Dan holds a bachelor of science in computer science from Brown University.