Training: June 20–21, 2016
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Santa Clara, CA

Turning high-velocity data into leverage for people

Ozan Turgut (SignalFx)
9:35am–9:40am Thursday, 06/23/2016
Location: Mission City Ballroom Level: Non-technical
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We are witnessing an explosion in the sheer mass and velocity of data. More systems, machines, and software are emitting data constantly, every second of every day. But this data is most useful if the actual builders and operators—the people with all the context—can understand it and react to it quickly. Ozan Turgut discusses how to use visualization and analytics to turn data into leverage for decision making.

This keynote is sponsored by SignalFx.

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Ozan Turgut


Ozan Turgut is an engineer at SignalFx who has designed and led implementations of cutting-edge web applications. Ozan is a JavaScript expert and a web application generalist, experienced with the full stack and the many flavors it comes in. You can see some of his personal projects on GitHub.