Training: June 20–21, 2016
Tutorials: June 21, 2016
Keynotes & Sessions: June 22–23, 2016
Santa Clara, CA

DevOps: Continuous delivery, security, and lean management make your IT and business better

Nicole Forsgren (DORA), Jez Humble (DevOps Research and Assessment LLC), Gene Kim (IT Revolution Press)
11:20am–12:00pm Wednesday, 06/22/2016
Location: Mission City Ballroom B1-3 Level: Non-technical
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Research from the last few years has shown that DevOps can bring both throughput and stability to IT, driving value and profit for businesses. In particular, research surveying over 14,000 DevOps professionals has found that high-performing teams have significantly faster throughput (with 30x more frequent code deployments) and more reliability (50% fewer failures). Beyond that, these IT high performers made a big difference in the bottom line, as they were twice as likely to exceed profitability, productivity, and market-share goals.

Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim take a closer look at security and compliance and their roles in DevOps to see what the industry is doing and how to make the biggest impact to IT performance. Nicole, Jez, and Gene also investigate continuous delivery and lean management practices to show how they drive not only IT performance but also software and service quality. You’ll love the results.

This talk is great for executives and business directors because it helps you understand the value proposition of DevOps and how to achieve the best outcomes. This talk is also great for practitioners because it helps you understand the practices that predict high IT performance and arms you with the data you need to make your case to the executive suite for DevOps and resources.

Photo of Nicole Forsgren

Nicole Forsgren


Nicole Forsgren does research and strategy at Google Cloud following the acquisition of her startup DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) by Google. She’s coauthor of the book Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps and is best known for her work measuring the technology process and as the lead investigator on the largest DevOps studies to date. She’s been an entrepreneur, professor, sysadmin, and performance engineer. Nicole’s work has been published in several peer-reviewed journals. Nicole earned her PhD in management information systems from the University of Arizona and is a research affiliate at Clemson University and Florida International University.

Photo of Jez Humble

Jez Humble

DevOps Research and Assessment LLC

Jez Humble is coauthor of the Jolt award-winning Continuous Delivery, published in Martin Fowler’s Signature series (Addison Wesley, 2010), and Lean Enterprise, in Eric Ries’s Lean series (O’Reilly, 2015). Jez has consulted for many Global 500 companies, helping them achieve technical excellence in software product development and deploy a culture of experimentation and learning. He works at 18F and teaches at UC Berkeley.

Photo of Gene Kim

Gene Kim

IT Revolution Press

Gene Kim is a multiple award-winning CTO, researcher, and author. Gene was founder and CTO of Tripwire for 13 years and has researched high-performing IT organizations for almost as long. He has written four books, including The Visible Ops Handbook, The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win, and the forthcoming DevOps Cookbook.

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06/22/2016 9:56am PDT

Would you be able to share the slidedeck, especially the couple of slides about how Capital One integrated security practices into its delivery pipeline? It looked like a great way to transform that from an after-the-fact tax to something that just happens in the flow.