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Justin  Arbuckle

Justin Arbuckle
VP - EMEA / Chief Enterprise Architect, Chef

Website | @dromologue

Justin has been working in financial services for over 20 years. He is a passionate proponent of the value of architectural thinking generally and the transformative role of architects in particular. In addition to his experience as a banking chief architect on three continents he has also had roles ranging from product development, venture capital investment, consulting and mobile banking. His current area of focus is DevOps, cloud API architectures and applying agile and lean startup practices to large enterprises.


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Everyday, companies are attempting to manage the delivery of software to their customers. Whereas this used to be a fairly deterministic process with clear boundaries between functions and processes, we have all learned that a less silo'd and more iterative approach yields better design and better performance in the wild. But how to control this kind of approach--or more importantly, should you? Read more.